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acess denide problem.help plzz

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by john_76, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. john_76

    john_76 Guest

    helo.i download this game and it has all this rar files.so i burn all the rar files to a dvd(not iso.i havent make iso yet.i just burned all the rar files to the dvd).so then i reformate my computer.then when i put the dvd in the dvd drive and i open the dvd files to make an iso of the rars files i burned on that dvd they give me an error when i try to copy the rar file to my computer.some rar files i been able to copy to my computer.but theres 3 or 4 file i cant copy to my computer off the dvd.it gave me an error says(cannot copy sd-sacg1:data error(cyclic redundancy check).what should i do fix this problem?

    i got this dvd burner that can copy dvd,cd and play dvd and cds.i use this one to burn the files and then open them.what should i do fix this problem?
  2. john_76

    john_76 Guest

    can anyone help here?

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