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Adding a custom movie trailer to my DVD

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by EZduzit, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. EZduzit

    EZduzit Guest

    I bought a Custom Trailer to play before my movie begins -- animation DTS sound etc.... It is on a seperate disc and after it plays there is a pause while the movie (Disc 2 in the changer) is switched into place. I want to burn the trailer onto my movies when I create them so the trailer plays first and then rolls right into the movie.

    Tools I use typically:

    also Shrink, DVD Copy, DVD X Copy

    The closest I have gotten is using Shrink ReAuthor to combine my movie and my trailer to one disc, (not my first choice because I lose menu functions) but I do not know how to use ifoedit to set the disc to play the trailer title and then jump straight into the movie title

    My preferred result would be movie and trailer on same disc with full menu functionality -- trailer plays and then jumps to movie.


  2. ptwenty

    ptwenty Guest

    Ezduzit - what format is your custom trailer?

    I was very interested in doing something similar - but couldn't find the intro I was looking for.

    If your intro is a .VOB file you can just dump it in the VIDEO_TS folder with your other .VOBs from the movie.

    If you rename the VOB set to include the intro as the first VOB in the set, - renumber each of the others accordingly, you can then use IFOedit to recreate the Ifo files needed to make your VOB set play on a standard dvd player.

    The only prob I've had with this method was when I joined a THX intro to my (movie-only) VOB set.

    The intro clip was in 4:3 aspect ratio but my movie was 16:9.

    The problem I encountered was that the aspect ratio from the intro took over the whole VOB set and played my movie in 4:3

    I've posted on these forums for a solution to that issue however.

    Where did you get your custom trailer anyway, mate?

  3. EZduzit

    EZduzit Guest

    ptwenty -- you are describing exactly what I assumed could be done. How about a step by step?

    My CUSTOM INTRO is a VOB. I am not sure how to integrate it into my movie VIDEO_TS folder so that it is recognized.

    By the way -- you need to check these intros out if you have been looking for one -- these are better than what you see at the theater. They are not cheap, but when they are pumpin out in DTS and projected at 106" in your home theater -- impressive is an understatement. www.digitalforge.com
  4. ptwenty

    ptwenty Guest

    EZduzit - I'm still searching for a tutorial on IFOedit or VOBedit to find out how to overcome the aspect ratio problem.

    According to a mate of mine, he read a post (on this site that'd had a good few replies) about exactly how to solve the aspect ratio issue. I still can't find the post.

    I may have to change the aspect ratio of the VOB before I add it to my main movie.

    You should check out IFOedit or Vobedit websites for guides - I'm ill-equipped to be giving the instructions...

    I'm going to check out the site you mentioned for the custom trailers, cheers.

  5. ptwenty

    ptwenty Guest

    EZduzit - It's possible.

    I've finally done it. This guide is assuming your custom intro is a VOB. 5.1 sound etc

    What you need to do is create 2 empty folders, one for the main movie and one for your trailer. And you need DVD Shrink 3.2 and VOBedit and IFOedit, in case your trailer needs messing around with.

    Decrypt your main movie (if from disc) and put the VIDEO_TS folder in the empty main movie folder you made.... with all the bups,ifos,and vobs.

    Then you want to put your trailer in the empty trailer folder. It has to look like a very short movie - ie the vob of your trailer - call it VTS_01_0.VOB - has to be accompanied by the relevant bup and ifo files.

    a)) The best way to do this (I found) is to use VOBedit to open that particular vob and click DEMUX to separately demux the m2v (video) and ac3 (audio) out of it.

    b)) Then if you open IFO edit - up the top there's an option to author a new DVD.

    Select this option and point the program to your m2v and ac3 files. Run it. This also irons out any issues with the vob showing up incorrect length etc.

    This'll recreate a VIDEO_TS folder for just your trailer with all the necessary files required. Make sure this VIDEO_TS folder is in the trailer folder you made.

    Nearly there .......

    Open DVD Shrink and click Re-Author.

    In the left hand window, navigate to your trailer folder. The trailer should show up as Title 1 - drag it to the left window.

    Now navigate to your main movie folder and locate Title 1 of your main movie - drag it to the left window below your trailer.

    This might rename your main movie to Title 1 (2) just because the trailer has the same title. That doesn't matter.

    Now if you select Backup - and pick a new folder to output the final result to.

    Once you do that, my friend, you'll have your trailer autoplaying before the movie - and all subtitles, chapter points, etc will be left untouched.

    I had real trouble with my THX vob - i had to demux then re-encode in Tmpg to change it to 16:9 from 4:3

    If you have no probs with your VOB you should be able to ignore steps a)) and b)) above, and instead just open IFOedit and click Create IFOs and then just pick yout custom trailer VOB.

    This will create all the bups and ifos your VOB needs to be recognised by DVD Shrink. Remember to put them in your trailer folder.

    I looked at some of those digital forge trailers - they look very smart - don't suppose they'll appear on P2P??

    Good luck with your dvd mate

  6. camstuf

    camstuf Guest

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