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Advice appreciated

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by Chromewav, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. Chromewav

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    Aug 23, 2002
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    Ok, I hope this post isn't redundant. For a quick background, i'm 27, and im what you could loosely call "computer saavy", by way of making so many mistakes that I had to learn things the hard way. I run a solid machine, 256 ram, 750 athlon, 50 gig hd, win2k with full updates and newest device drivers.
    Im still saving up and I wont have a dvd burner until next month, so i figured id do a little practicing- i mean once you rip the dvd properly and format the files correctly, anyone could click burn to make the dvd, so i figured it might be worth my while to practice a bit. Now then, i have a problem, and a question: First, my problem- i ripped a dvd to my hd with smartripper, no problem there. then i was using power dvd's file player to look around in the vob files, just to see what was in them, when power dvd began to lock up. I then restarted my computer and found that my dvd rom drive and cdrw drive were gone-windows says "cannot load device drivers". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drives, but it still doesnt work. does anyone know what might've caused this? It looks like i may have to format the drive again- format again??

    Now then, onto my question: i have read the threads about people wanting to re-encode files so that they fit on a one dvd-r, stripping soundtracks, taking out parts of the original dvd ect- and what im wondering is why this would be neccessary? i mean nearly any dvd would fit, including dual layer, with all features, on 2 dvd rs, right? If the original dvd is the same or less in size as a blank, then you only rip it to your hd and burn it, right? But when the dvd is larger than a blank, things get a bit more complicated, as i understand. Tonight, for practice, i ripped amadeus, which is a dual layer disc. side b was named the same as side a- VTS_01_0 VTS_01_1 ect, just like side a. So couldnt you just rip side b, and burn it to a 2nd dvd r, without messing with the ifo files, or using ifoedit to "get sectors" or whatever? The only thing i could think of for disc 2 would be to want it to go straight into playing the movie rather than starting at the menu, which i guess would require some small alteration. Of course, i know very little about dvd specs and im just trying to use reason, which probably doesnt work on something you dont well understand. I'd like to know the reason that you must use ifoedit to alter the ifo files. The reason im writing at this point is because i figure if i get a good grasp of this now, when i get the burner i can move right into burning standard dvds rather than making coasters.I say that ripping the dvd and getting the files arranged properly are the harder parts, burning it is a one-click no brainer. I'm sure that one you get the method down-pat, you can do it in your sleep. So anyone knowledgeable, please advise me or point me to the appropriate thread, and i apologize if ive posted anything overly ignorant.
    Thanks again
  2. afogh

    afogh Guest

    Don't give up. It is all a bit complex. The first problem that you CD-Drives are gone is probably the result of a "rogue" device driver. To test this do this:
    in regedit find the following key:
    in this you may or may not have a value called "UpperFilters" rename it to "UpperFilters_".
    in the same key you may or may not have a value called "LowerFilters". Rename it to "LowerFilters_".Reboot your computer. If you cdrom drives reappear you have a "rogue" driver.Then proceed by renaming the registry keys back to normal, and start uninstalling software (rebooting after each uninstall) untill your system works again. This way you'll find the culprit.

    For the second part. A dual layer does not mean two sides, it simply means the DVD information is written in two layers on one side. In a malicious act DVD vendors decieded that rewritable DVD's should be smaller in capacity than pressed ones - even single layer pressed DVD's can be bigger than medias. So much for introduction.

    This means you have to remove information from the each side of the disc to get it on to a DVD+-RW media. Deselecting features by using IFOedit or other tools or reencoding the Mpeg-stream are the two possibillities.

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