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Another MS Customer Service Rant

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by steimy, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. steimy

    steimy Active member

    Dec 2, 2004
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    Ok, i just have to let it all out to calm down a bit. So here goes

    I call customer service about the end of august about a bad power supply i have. I get told that they will send one out and that do not have to send the old one. I could not believe that so i even asked him again, "so you mean i do not have to send in the old power supply?" to which he answered no.

    Ok, so a week later i get the box. Picking it up i knew something was wrong because it weighed next to nothing. Sure enough i open it up and inside is just the power cord that goes from the power supply to the wall outlet. I sit back cursing for a little bit about people's general stupidity then get over it and prepare for call number 2.

    So i call back customer service and explain the above situation and am told that one will be sent out and they apologize for the mistake that was made. I have calmed down by this point and say i understand and would be happy if they could get that too me ASAP. Of course they say that they will. Again no mention of sending them anything.

    So now we come to present time, 3 weeks after the original call and a week and a half from the second call (so about 3 weeks total). Still no power supply. So i decide to call and find out the status on my replacement. Give the 3rd customer service rep my reference number and hold the usual long wait for them to look things up. Only to find out nothing has been sent. This 3rd rep asks me when i had sent in my original broken supply to their service center to which i respond that i didn't as they told me that i did not have to. They go on to explain that you have to send it in to get the replacement. Not only that i have to package it and pay for the shipping to send it. Of course at this point i am off the deep end as far as my anger level but i stay calm because having been a customer service rep myself for 3 year at one point i know how it is. They really have a limit as to what they can do. So after that i take down the address and say whatever. This by the way will take another 3 weeks!!

    So now comes call number 4, i immediately ask to speak to a supervisor this time figuring that i can get this resolved once and for all. So first you have to put in a report with the customer service person so it can be sent to the supervisor before they can transfer you. So once again i go through the whole explanation of the trials and tribulation of trying to get this power supply. Then am put on hold for the supervisor which takes about 10 minutes.

    This guy finally picks up and pretty much just tells me that there is no way to get a power supply without sending in the old one. That the customer service people who i had spoken to had just been confused and given me incorrect information and there is nothing that they can do about it. So i ask him what is the use of having a warranty if i am the one having to pay the bill for sending the old PSU back to them? To which he sarcastically says, "Oh come on, what will it cost you to send it back. About $10.". To which i explain it is not the $10 it is the principle that having a warranty is suppose to get you free replacement part. That is what a warranty is for. It is not for footing any of the bill yourself. And that i have never had to pay anything for part or service an any product that i have ever had a warranty on before.

    Ok, basically there is about 10 seconds of silence to which he basically just tells me that i have to send it back and that it will only take about 2-3 weeks for my replacement. And that there is really nothing else they can do. I say sarcastically that they really have not been much help. This guy then hangs up on me. Now mind you, never once did i raise my voice or utter any type of profanity to any of these 4 people that i spoke with about this. So basically he just got tired of me explaining logic to him and decided to end the call.

    So now i am stuck sending them my old unit, which i lucky kept, and paying for the shipping. And waiting another 3 weeks in order to get the new one back. Thank god i was smart enough from the very start to buy a power supply from Newegg.com ($80) or i would have had my console down for a month and a half for a part as small as a power supply.

    way to go Microsoft!!! Way to take care of your loyal customers.
  2. mikeismad

    mikeismad Regular member

    Feb 19, 2007
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    but without microsoft we would have no halo 3!

    but its really sad that things at their corporate office are that slack. thank god i never had to deal with that crap (knock on wood)

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