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another post about fliptops

Discussion in 'PS2' started by chromeboy, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. chromeboy

    chromeboy Guest

    hey.. i'm new to this whole thing of modding and such... i am thinking of getting my PS2 modded for Christmas and was wondering (I've decided to go for a fliptop instead of the chips out there i reckon)

    what all do i need to get with a fliptop to play the ps1 and ps2 backups etc...
    if i get the fliptop... and the swap disks.. that is just for the ps2 backups right?
    what else do i need for the ps1 backups??

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  2. mgb0101

    mgb0101 Member

    Oct 23, 2003
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    thats pretty much all you'll need for ps backups in general (ps1 and ps2). I believe swap magic disks will boot ps1 disks also, so you should be covered on all fronts.
  3. chromeboy

    chromeboy Guest

    oh well.. i read somewhere that the swapmagic disks are only for ps2s..
    i've been reading more ... anybody know much about the Magic 3??? says you can play everything (not too worried about imports, unless i should be, because they are just the bomb, but i probably dont have access to them anyways)... is it worth risking?? i think my brother could do the soldering...

    i think my ps2 is the v5 or v6...
    serial number is U16XX558
    model no. SCPH-30001 R
    expansion bay has the screw...
    and i cant tell about which connector it has..
    and has the hazard warning on the bottom.

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