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any1 buy from http://www.bigpockets.co.uk/?

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by Spunks3, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. Spunks3

    Spunks3 Regular member

    Aug 26, 2004
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    hey, i was browsing around and i found http://www.bigpockets.co.uk/... they are selling a 50 pack of Budget DVD-R for only £8.79 ($15.79)... i was wondering if this is good media to use, if any1 has tried Budget DVD-R's...?


    they also have some good prices on DVD+R

    i found this webpage from http://www.cdcovers.cc/
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  2. spikyone

    spikyone Guest

    Never tried the Budget discs, usually stick with Ritek discs.
    Bigpockets are fine, used them a few times.
  3. jase

    jase Guest

    The "Budget" media is the cheapest of the cheap. It's selling at many online outlets for under £7 for 50. The 8x version I think is around £9.75 for 50.

    These discs are manufactured by Infosmart. They're not particularly good, although they do work, and personally I suggest you look elsewhere.

    Lord of the Deals are doing 100 Discrite 4x DVD-Rs for £16, these use a Sony dye, and are far better than the Budget discs, are a bit cheaper, and they work at 8x just fine on a Pioneer 107 or NEC2500A with hacked firmware (also tested without issue on LiteOn 851 and Pioneer A05-A06, both at 4x).
  4. micks

    micks Guest

    budget disks means poor quality

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