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Anybody know the name of this software (fix) that uses a smiley face icon

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by redbaron7, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. redbaron7

    redbaron7 Guest

    I know what an embarressing subject line !

    I couldn't think of any other way to describe my problem.

    I'm Using Nero 6.3.0 to burn A Personal DVD Video File after backing the DVD to my hard drive using DVD Shrink.

    I've been getting constant Error at around 20% while burning a backup of a personal DVD (which was done using DVD Shrink). The Exact Error Reads "Burn Process Failed at 1X (1,385 KB/s)

    I have a SONY DW - u12a burner which is a DVD+-R RW Drive.

    I fixed this problem by just installing a download that I just came across on the internet. The problem is, I've had to reformat my computer.. and I can't recall the name of the program that I was using.

    Basically... Its a program that loads on boatup. If there is no DVD in my drive on Boot up. It just sits on my taskbar menu and shows me a yellow smiley face icon. Once I put the DVD in, it gives me a Green color smiley face icon with a grin on it.

    *sigh* now you guys can say you've finally seen it all..

    I'm sorry.. thats all I know about this software.. I'm just hoping it might sound familiar to someone out there.. I'm pretty sure the software start with the letter P


    Please Help Me !
  2. bluto1940

    bluto1940 Guest

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  3. redbaron7

    redbaron7 Guest

    Thank you !
    You're a lifesaver ! :D

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