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Anyone seen (or tried) the HDD loader?

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by Krystovar, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. Krystovar

    Krystovar Regular member

    May 12, 2004
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  2. daPhoenix

    daPhoenix Guest

    I would wait a day or so and you will start seeing plenty of info on the net. Most places just shipped out their orders yesterday and to day. This is a highly awaited item so I doubt you will have to look hard for feed back in the next few days.
  3. foundmy

    foundmy Guest

    yes we (foundmy.com) have been shipping them since monday.

    We have tried them out, and so far so good.
    its not guaranteed to work on all titles, but they do run much faster... way faster... its really nice.


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