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Anyone Split Scarface to 2 Disks Successfully PLEASE HELP!!

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by shadyvill, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. shadyvill

    shadyvill Guest

    I've followed every split to 2 disk method guides there are exactly .. and i've already copied 2 other movies that i've split to 2 disks and they work fine .. but scarface is giving me probs .. the DVD loads but all i get is a black screen .. no video nothing ..
    If anyone has split this movie successfully into 2 disks please help .. i kno someone must hav by now ..
  2. kolonel

    kolonel Guest

    Why split it to 2 DVD's. Why not rempeg to fit on 1 DVD . plenty of guides about this (doom9.net)
  3. shadyvill

    shadyvill Guest

    that process takes too long .. i already have to return the DVD tomorrow .. plus i dont mind havin it on 2 disks ..

    If u tell me a process that can take less than 2 hours and fit on 1 disk .. i'd gladly do it ..
  4. Tottenham

    Tottenham Guest

    I have just put this film onto 1 dvdr in 5 hrs
    Ripping, frameserving, re-encoding, authoring and burning.

    Beats having 2 discs!


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