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AR2 v.2 never stops spinning

Discussion in 'PS2' started by kelesis, Jan 2, 2004.

  1. kelesis

    kelesis Guest

    Ok! Went out and bought a action replay 2 version 2 the other day. I want to be able to play my backups using the slidecard/knifetrick method.

    I have removed the top of my ps2 so that it works like a fliptop cover only its missing the fliptop and the cover as well.

    Anyway i power on and insert the ar2 cd for booting (the ordinary way just ejecting the tray and inserting the AR2 disc) and when it has finished booting and i have chosen "start without codes" it tells me to insert a game disc, only the ar2 disc doesnt seem to stop spinning unless i eject the cd.

    Where do i go from here?
    Do i eject and insert the backup? I did that and it didnt work. Maybe ive burned it wrong?
    I use verbatim dvd+r and i have a AOpen DRW4410 dvd burner.

    I am sorry for maybe causing a unwanted and a unnecessary post, but i have used the search function but not found anything that helps.

    I need to know if i can play backups using only the AR2 v2 disc with the cover taken off my ps2 and if so, how do i do it?
  2. zamsak

    zamsak Regular member

    Feb 26, 2003
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    DVD Booting

    1.Pop in your AR2V2.
    2.Let it load up
    3. At the very first screen press the eject button and pop in an origial PS2 DVD title. I used the demo disc
    4. Wait for ten secs
    5. Select "Choose cheatcodes" or whatever it is
    6. Select Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX2 from the list and select all the cheats
    7. Select start game with codes.
    8. It will give you an error and return to the first screen
    9. Deselect half of the cheat codes and start the game with codes.
    10. Come to the last screen and open the lid of your fliptop
    11. The CD should have stopped spinning
    12. Pop the backup
    13. NJOY

    Hope this helped

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