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avi file to cd-r

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by DrHoffman, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. DrHoffman

    DrHoffman Guest

    hi, i ripped my dvd to my comp, and then convert it to avi file.
    the avi file is 834M, and i have 900M cd-r.
    when using nero with "movie cd" it first convert the avi file (i dont know to what) and then, when it about to start to burn it say that the cd-r is not big enough to burn the file.... how come?

    my burner is capable of burning 900M cd-r and i configured nero to over burn, so this is not the problem (i burned 900M cd before).

    does any 1 might know what shoudl i do???
    i encoded the movie with 256Kps audio track, could this b the problem???
    10x 4 your help!
  2. Sefy

    Sefy Guest

    You can only burn a 900mb file on a 90min CDR if you do a VideoCD! not a Data CD! then you are limited to I believe 780mb of Data.

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