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Azureus Bittorrent Client Problem

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by ggamer, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. ggamer

    ggamer Guest

    Okay I am using Azureus.

    So, i get the yellow smiley faces okay.

    I have a d-link router and zapro and norton. norton's firewall is off and zapro gave full access to Azureus i want to my router thing and opened up ports 6881-6889.

    So i restart my computer after i saved the settings on the router...

    I try using Azureus and i still get those dumb yellow smiley faces and the NAT error.

    So i go through to my router and say block no ports and restart my computer and run Azureus...still yellow smiley and NAT error.

    What can i do to get the other smiley face and faster speeds? [my down connection with mirc is 500k easy, yet with bt i get 10...]

  2. geforcefx

    geforcefx Guest

    hi there.... m8 i had same prob ???..........but havent got a router. might not work but try turning windows xp firewall OFF.......thats if you have win xp...........give it a go...i use bit commet now it dosent slow your cpu down as much as easyer it use..
  3. Benny8492

    Benny8492 Member

    Oct 14, 2004
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    I'm having a few probs with Azureus. Basically my connection is 1.5Mb bluyounder and my speeds usually sit at arround 20kbs but can peak on the odd time to 70 Kbs. Any know if this is about the right sort of speed downloads. I also have problems when viewing the downloads as the files/films pause allot when watching them back. I use Santa DVD to create the DVD files from the WMG files. Does anybody know any better BT software or any AVI to DVD software if it is that which is causing the problems. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  4. FartDude

    FartDude Guest

    Hey there everyone see were havin a few azereus problems here, first and foremost too the dude here that is usin a router , dont open ports 6881 - 6889 try a different port range 49152 - 65535 , these work better, (For me anyway). ZA pro is good but ur probably better off usin norton personal firewall 2005 as this will let you configure exactly how azereus accesses the net. as for changing your port range it would be a really good idea as some tracker sites have started blacklisting the default ports. Hope this helps ya out.

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