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azureus nat error bittorrent download speeds.

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by p5yco, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. p5yco

    p5yco Guest

    hi, i have read some of the previous articles on this subject but i still dont understand. i have recently installed azureus from dawnloads, replacing bittorrent as i thought azureus is the quickest. i only have one file active at a time, by using bittorrent i receive downloading speeds of around 5kb/s which is horrendously slow compared to what others are receiving. using azureus it has increased to 12kb/s, i have yet to have it higher! i have a speedtouch usb modem, bt yahoo broadband at 512k, xp firewall installed and norton anti-virus. need any other info just ask. i believe i have enabled ports 6881-6889, although when testing by azureus i get nat error. i am not sure how to forward the puts. tried typing my ip address in url but page offline. any other way to forward ports and find out router info. also with my setup what is the average download speed i should be receiving, at the moment the estimated download time for a film would be 308 hrs, if thats was what i wanted to do.
  2. andylane

    andylane Member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    Hi i have the same speedtouch usb modem and use azuerus and i have nat error constantly with slow downloads so please could you tell me what i have to do to stop nat errors.
    Ive gone intocon fig wizard in azuerus and tried to change ports and which ever i choose i get Nat Error so what am i to do. i use sp1 (dont trust sp2)
  3. Quikshot

    Quikshot Guest

    Why use ports 6881-6889? I think most ISPs probs those ports, so you'll end up getting crappy downloads.

    Also if you're behind a router/firewall, and you haven't configured the current ports you're trying to use then you'll end up getting a NAT error.

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