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Azureus problems, help/info required please

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by top_score, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. top_score

    top_score Member

    Aug 4, 2007
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    I have spent about 3days with various guides etc on how to set Azureus up. Even uninstaled and re-installed it.

    Please bear with my as I am new to bit torrent and file sharing. Sorry if the info below is overkill or not the right info, I am trying my best.

    My Setup
    Wireless laptop
    AVG, SpybotS&D, AdAware2007, SpywareBlaster, Comodo firewall
    Latest version of Azureus (
    Latest Java ( I went to site and updated to latest version a few hours ago)

    Router - 2Wire BT2700 HGV
    Connection - BT broadband 8Mb
    Speed Test results: (speedtest.net)
    D/L - 2835 kb/s
    U/L - 279 kb/s

    Speed Test results using Azureus inbuilt test:
    Test BTdownload (standard) - 38.2 kb/s
    Test BTupload (standard) - 40.3 kb/s

    NAT/Server test:
    Testing port 43687 ... OK !

    I get green faces on everything.

    The first time I used Azureus I got a download speed of 150 kb/s, now 1 week later I am lucky if I can achieve speeds of 20 kb/s.

    My friend uses something called flashFXP on the same network and normally has speed of between 150-200kb/s.

    I have tried lots of different torrents, with different seeds:leecher ratios.

    I think i have set my router up ok, and I get the same results with either my firewall ON or OFF.

    I get the same slow results If my friend uses flashFXP or not (his are allways high), ie me alone on the network.

    Was it just lucky to get download speeds of 150 for the first time i used it.

    What sort of speeds should I really expect

    Where can I go from here to set it up, what am I doing wrong.

    Ive looked to see if I am using good or bad torrents, and I think Ive been selectiong good ones, right now I got (20mins in):

    seeds - 50(1017)
    peers - 28(960)
    d/l - 6.0 kb/s
    u/l - 1.2 kb/s

    Should I switch to a different p2p program (Azureus was highly recomended by different sites though)
  2. jeffw224

    jeffw224 Regular member

    Jun 26, 2007
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    I would think you could do better on a swarm like that.

    Have you checked out the Good Settings page at Azureuswiki. Basically based upon both of the speed test results you could use the graph settings on that page of 256.

    There can be problems with any router and P2P, when there are too many connections open. I did not see your router on the Bad Routers page. The settings at 256 should keep you out of any trouble with the router on this as below 200 is alnost always safe.

    You should check active torrents to make these changes within them. Stop the torrent. Double-click the torrent and go to options to make sure the per torrent connections and upload slot numbers are right.

    Since you have a green NAT, there is no reason to mess with firewall or router.

    If that does not work, trying another program would at least let you know if it is an Azureus problem or another problem.

    You could check on your ISP here: Bad ISPs
  3. top_score

    top_score Member

    Aug 4, 2007
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    Thanks for taking the reply.

    My IP does appear on the bad IP list,(BT broadband).
    I'm pretty new to using anything else appart from the internet for general browsing. Lots of new terminology for me to learn.

    It looks like my IP "throttles????" my connection for p2p things.

    My connection goes up and down, mostly between 2 and 20k, but sometime reaching 100 ot 150k, time seems to have nothing to do with it. So I guess I will just have to put up with downloads taking days or weeks to do.
  4. hursty

    hursty Active member

    Nov 22, 2004
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    that bad isp list from the u.k is a crock of shite,and i can pick fault with most of the results
    most isp throttle bandwidth with p2p,and theres no real way of getting around it
    now you have took the michael with BT,this is what happens
    I am with eclipse evolution atm,one of the better ones out there
    but even they throttle to a certain extent during the day,and evening
    but at night,my newsgroups flow down at 500 kb/s and average 100 or so during the day,so even they are restricted,and the only way aropund that is use a newserver that has SSL,and i aint paying for that!

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