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[b] DVD Shrink copies clearer than Clone DVD ? [b]

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by mario011, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. mario011

    mario011 Guest

    Does a movie copied with DVD Shrink and Nero or Roxio have better definition than one with Clone DVD 2 and Any DVD ??? I have perfect copies of sci=fi movies done using AnyDvd and DVD shrink, but when I copied a Star Trek movie with AnyDvd and CloneDVD quality drop was visible to the naked eye. Or is it just the movie ????
  2. MichaelP1

    MichaelP1 Guest

    it all depends on how much compression is involed backing up the dvd

    transcoding with clonedvd 2 will not be any worse than using dvd shrink with little to no compression however below 80% using dvd shrink with "Deep Analysis" will yeild you better quality than using clonedvd 2 or you can use a Dual-Layer blank with clonedvd 2

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