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backing-up question

Discussion in 'PS2' started by xzombie, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. xzombie

    xzombie Guest

    i'm new to this forum and have a question i hope i can get answered. is there a way to bak up PS2 games on DVD blanks without having to install a modchip to the console? or having to do the disc swapping method?

    the reason i ask this is because i have a regular Dreamcast with no modifications. i have game back-ups given to me and a lot of them are self booted and a few require the disc swap method with a boot disc. my point is that if there was a way to burn Dreamcast games and make them self booted, then is there a way to do that with PS2 games?
  2. sly_61019

    sly_61019 Senior member

    Jun 28, 2003
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