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backup 360 games? Plz help!

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by biglospim, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. biglospim

    biglospim Guest

    Hi I only want to copy the games I have without downloading...

    For my other systems like PS2, I usually rip with dvd decryptor to hard drive and then to a disk.
    I tried to rip my oblivion and it said it was done in 4 seconds wich is very unusual.... and then condemned in 3 seconds.

    I also usually use 4.7 GB Verbatim DVD-R 8X and I noticed on another post that I will need DVD+R DL. I am curious about this and was wondering why. Is it simply because of the space on the disk?

    If I have to use DL DVDs can someone also help me backup my games because those dvds are pretty expensive to be throwing away from not doing it right.

    Thanks guys.
  2. emachine

    emachine Guest

    Yes you need dual layer dvds. Verbatims do the trick.

    If you want to rip games to your hd you need a pc drive that reads 360 games. Only two of those exist.

    To burn you need a dual layer burner the best is a Pioneer 111D.

    The software is xbox backup creator. To rip and burn.
  3. biglospim

    biglospim Guest

    Thanks a Lot man and quick.

    I must need the software how can I get it Please?
  4. emachine

    emachine Guest

    xbox-scene.com defiantly has it. Just search in the forums and there will be a official thread about it with the dl link.

    But do you have the pc drive that reads 360 games?
  5. biglospim

    biglospim Guest

    I don't know what you mean by "read" because I'm pretty sure it recognized it as a 360 game but it rips the games in like 3-4 seconds to the harddrive so I don't think that can be right?! The software was dvd decryptor. It usually takes 5-10 minutes for a PS2 backup and those aren't DL. So there is something funny about it being that fast right?! Maybe that means it doesn't read it??
  6. emachine

    emachine Guest

    Yes like I said you need a SPECIAL PC DRIVE TO READ 360 GAMES.
  7. biglospim

    biglospim Guest

    How will I know if it reads it and is there a way of knowing? If I do have one that can read them could I just use dvd decrypter?? If not then I think thats the problem what version of XBC should I use.

    I tried both computers in my house, and the other one was a pioneer too. My uncle just got a new computer, his might be able to read it.?!

    Thanks man I really appreciate you helping me out.
  8. emachine

    emachine Guest

    Its got to be this

    samsung SH-D162C

    If your in the US ebay is the place to get one.
  9. biglospim

    biglospim Guest

    So if I get this "samsung SH-D162C" will I be then able to use DVD decripter? or do I have to use XBC?

    Would you happen to know why this one works over the others? I also noticed a pioneer that was being sold I believe for the same purpose?
  10. biglospim

    biglospim Guest

    didn't you say two of them exist so what was the other one?
    because this one is sold out and I don't really want to deal with ebay.
  11. biglospim

    biglospim Guest

    I got that xbox backup creator and it said drive specific can I use any of those.
  12. pedge76

    pedge76 Member

    Mar 14, 2006
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    You need a Samsung SH-D162 DVDrom patched with Kreon 0.81 firmware. This drive is flawless when it comes to reading XBOX360 games. I got a bit carried away when ordering one of these and ended up purchasing 4. Will hopefully be able to sell 3 of them.
  13. emachine

    emachine Guest

    Lol you should keep 2 for a spare because it will be hard to get again.

    I don't remember the exact model number but the other is a Samsung something A.

    BTW the pioneer is for buring the games not ripping. And this site will help you tons.


  14. biglospim

    biglospim Guest

    Thanks man I got a samsung SH-D162C from ebay just like you said.

    Now the only thing I want to know is that this drive will read the 360 games, but how about burning the discs am I going to need some special DVD drive to burn the discs.

  15. backup

    backup Guest

    lmao i have a few too!!!!

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