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backup flashing/tracking

Discussion in 'PS2' started by zoof1012, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. zoof1012

    zoof1012 Guest

    After burning the cdr and loading up the game...It runs fine except some games go into this rapid flashing/scrolling/tracking whatever it is. However some games work fine. Any idea?

    Sorry if there is a similar post.. i tried searching before hand.. if so please direct me. Thanks~
  2. zoof1012

    zoof1012 Guest

    ack.. i just found something in this faq.. didnt see it before...

    "My games look messed up on the TV (B&W, flashing, bad positioning, etc.)
    A) Using a PAL game on an NTSC TV or NTSC game on a PAL TV, you need to patch your games. Here is a two way converter utility (click on the one labeled (NTSCCONV) http://www.psxforum.com/utilitiesps2.php
    is this the same problem?
  3. zoof1012

    zoof1012 Guest

    well anyways...It's originally ntsc (apparently) and games usually work in ntsc and i tried converting to pal and yet no luck... any ideas?? thanks

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