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bad graphics in nfs u2 (pc)

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by barunrai, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. barunrai

    barunrai Guest

    can any body help with. i've been playing need for speed under ground 2 for month. but now when i race the graphics move really slow and somtimes it stops
  2. efd753

    efd753 Member

    Dec 25, 2004
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    wrong forums and wrong site but anyway.
    on my pc the graphics are fine.
    You have to tweak the graphics on the menus.
    check the menus for graphics.
    also make sure u have way above the minumum requieremnet of specs for your pc.
    It sounds liek your pc cant handle NFS U2.
    this are my specs.
    CPU: Petuim 4 1.6 Ghz
    Graphic card: ATI Readon 9200
    Memory ram: 768 MB.
    hope this help like i said it soudns liek your pc cant handle NFS U2
  3. barunrai

    barunrai Guest

    my pc isnt that bad 2600+ amd. radeon 9600+ ram is lesser than urs 520mb. i was asking if u have any idea to back up the cd coz my cd is kinda old.
    any way thanks for ur concern

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