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bandwidth throttling with eclipse!!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by nexus07, May 9, 2007.

  1. nexus07

    nexus07 Guest


    ive just signed up with eclipse internet for 12 months,at first i thought i had a good deal with them but how wrong was i!

    im geting p2p download speeds of 20 kbs at best,considering i signed up for 8 meg broadband i feel like ive been royaly shafted by eclipse,yes i no i should of done my homework before signing to a new isp but i did not and am probaly going to regret it for the next 12 months!

    i have been supplied with a thomson speedtouch 330 dial up modem witch seems to be working fine both lights are green on it.

    any ways if anyone has any ideas on how to get round this other than port forwarding as ive tryed to do this but cannot optain a static ip address i would greatfull

    thanks in advance to anyone who has any suggestions
  2. Indochine

    Indochine Regular member

    Dec 21, 2006
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    The Thomson 330 is a DSL modem. A 'dial up' modem is a 56 kbit/sec type from the 1990s.

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