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Best CD-R for PS2

Discussion in 'PS2' started by dust_cs69, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. dust_cs69

    dust_cs69 Member

    Aug 14, 2003
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    I have a couple of games backed up on imation cd-r's and they were very loud when being read, so i got a cd-r indentify program and by identifying, all sorts of different cd-r's, ive seen 2 kinds

    1. Dye (short strategy eg. phthalocyanine

    2. Dye (long strategy eg. cyanine, Azo etc

    the more expensive disks seem to have used the second one.

    The reason i ask is the origional ps2 games on cd-rom arnt noisy what so ever, so is their a equivelent cd-r i could use to back them up? as i have heard the louder the ps2 is the faster the laser is working and the faster the laser will wear out :(

  2. CLiPsEmX

    CLiPsEmX Guest

    I heard this question a lot and i think their really isn't a best cd-r to burn a ps2 game on. I mean i use unbranded cd-r's for my cd-rom ps2 games and they make noise in the ps2 too. It also could be the game too. Some games just make more noise in the ps2 then others. I have a backup of NBA street and Fatal Frame which i have ripped. In NBA street the cd-r spins really fast and makes a lot of noise when loading. As for my Fatal Frame game it spins fast but doesn't make as much noise as my NBA Street backup. So it just has to do with the game i guess. But all games burnt to cd-r make noise in the ps2. Thats just how they work. Their cheap discs.
  3. MrToast

    MrToast Guest

    I used mitsui Gold CDR's for all my games and they work great, they are the best company for cdr and dvdr media. Yet they are expensive but can be found on Ebay for around a dollar a disc. That is what I paid and I am sure they perform better than the cheap media I use. It is up to what you want to spend I guess, Mitsui is awesome. check their website!

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