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Best p2p for speed with dial up and music

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by Tanksta, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. Tanksta

    Tanksta Regular member

    Mar 1, 2003
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    What is the best p2p for speed with dial up and music.

    Thanks in advance
  2. L-Burna

    L-Burna Active member

    Mar 25, 2003
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    I think kazaa hacked version is pretty good and sometimes overnet.You can pick up the kazaa hacked version here http://www.kdp.2ya.com and overnet here http://www.overnet.com .When you use overent set your max down and line speed to 6 and your upload to 2,keep your max connections to 45.
  3. tshooter

    tshooter Guest

    Actually, this would depend on the type of connection the user has. Let's say you have ADSL 256Kbs/128Kbs (pretty standard). This means maximum download of 256 kilobits and maximum upload of 128 kilobits. To get kilobytes, simply divide the values by 8, AND subtract 8% for network latency. This will give you a pretty accurate average for what you will be able to down and upload.

    So, 256/128 will be ((256 : 8) * 0,92) equals ~30KB (Kilobytes) per second download speed, or one MB in 40 seconds and ((128 : 8) * 0.92) equals ~15KB per second upload speed.

    To get the ideal Overnet setting, take the maximum number of KB you can download, roud it down to the nearest number which is divisible by 4, and enter that number as your maximum download capacity.

    In this case it is 28 (28:4 == 7).

    Your maximum download capacity will be 28 and maximum upload will be 7 in this case. The up/down ratio with Overnet is 1/4. Try setting maximum down higher, you will not be allowed to do so in the regular program.

    Another example for a 56Kb modem:

    Maximum bandwith for 56K modem is ((56 : 8) * 0.92) = 6.44KB/sec. Rounded down to nearest would be 4.

    Downstream will be 4, upstream will be 1.

    If you wish to navigate the internet at the same time, you need to adjust the settings downwards ip at all possible. Running P2P over dialup is not recommended, you need at least cable or ISDN.

    My settings for Overnet using DSL 256/128:

    Max download speed: 28
    Max upload speed: 7
    Max line speed: 9999
    Max connections: 99

    Always max out everything if you want to use all your bandwith for downloading.

    Why not simply enter zeroes at max down/up to use bandwith maxes? Because Overnet tends to squeeze the up/down ratio to 1/1 instead of 1/4 if you set those values to zero.

    Remember, if you want to surf at the same time tune it down by subtracting one from the max up. Overnet will correct max down accordingly.


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