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Best Programs

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by Thugz2005, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Thugz2005

    Thugz2005 Member

    Dec 22, 2005
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    What are the best programs, to backup and burn dvds, are there any all in one programs that are good

    Whats the best programs now

    Cost isnt an object, please let me know
  2. Shardel

    Shardel Guest

    Check out this link:
    It has guides for the most popular software for backing up DVDs
    (both free and purchasable). It also has links to download
    these softwares.
    Personally I like, AnyDVD (purchase)-the best decrypter around. It
    is updated everytime a new encryptions comes out. The updates are
    free for life. Right now this one is available from slysoft at a
    20% Discount. I also have RipIt4Me (free)-total program, DVD
    Decrypter (free)-decryption program, FixVTS (free)-gets rid of
    blank cells and stucture problems, Shrink (free)-which shrinks
    a double layer file to single layer size, Imgburn (free)-burning
    program. With this combination I have not found a movie I could
    not back up.
    Some people on AD prefer DVD Fab Decrypter to DVD Decrypter because
    it is updated regularly. I also have Nero which is a purchased
    program, but rarely use it.
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