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Best way to backup PS2 games?

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Benefic, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. Benefic

    Benefic Guest

    Copy on the fly?
    Copy on the fly with a test simulation?
    Copy to the hard drive and burn?
    Hard drive to test then burn?
    Burn at 1x or the max(4x)
    To many options what is the best?

    Because I've tried to back up Timesplitters 2 and I wasted 3 disks(Ritek4x). Also Disgaea failed the first time I tried. Is it best to simulate the burn before actually burning...and if that is successful is there any need to worry during the final burn? Thanks.
  2. ricik

    ricik Member

    Sep 3, 2003
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    i copy to hard drive first using alcohol 120 using good media i have had good sucess doing it this way also use dvd-r media xp 2200 + 640 ddr iomagic burner this is what i use
  3. brad1102

    brad1102 Guest

    It really doesnt matter which software you use - its all a matter of preference, really.

    I use Nero 6.x only - but it doesn't matter - use what you know.


    Never copy on the fly - ever.
    Always create image to harddrive.
    Always burn at 1x until you are confident in what you are doing. (It comes down to your PC's processing power ultimately)
    Always use a clean source file (clean the disc well before putting it in the tray) or if disc is scratched, run a simulation before the burn.

    And finally, if you can go out and buy yourself a DVD-/+RW rewritable media, you can test a preliminary rip on it first to verify the game and process works, before burning a DVD-/+R.

    What I do on new releases is select to burn 2 discs in Nero, the first being the rewritable - and when its done burning I go test it out (play a bit and save - then reboot to check the save) and then at that point I'll burn the second disc in the process, being a DVD-/+R.

    This save you having to wait on another game rip.

    Hope this helps.


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