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Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by jar343, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. jar343

    jar343 Guest

    I have ripped a movie using smart ripper. I then used Ifo edit to take out the menues and extra crap, but the size of the movie is still to large to fit on one dvdr. I don't wanna split it to 2 dvdrs. Can someone please tell me what tools I should use to make the movie fit on one 5 dvd-r disk. Thank You

    I loaded the rempeg.cffl file, now do I set the file to max under (limit max bitrate)?
    I can't set it to 4200 mb under the scale factor.
    I have done the encoded it and remuxed but it is still to big to fit. I must have done the ReMPEG part wrong. Please help. THANK YOU!
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  2. DOT

    DOT Guest

    Hi jar343,
    download and install rempeg2. With ifoedit v.091 or newer you can create the necessary rempeg.cffl-file. Therefore start ifoedit, open VTS_01_0.IFO and press 'tools' on top of ifoedit-window. Choose the option 'create rempeg.cffl', set direction e.g. on the desktop.
    After this, start rempeg2 and open rempeg.cffl-file you created before. Rempeg2 checks the movie now. When this is done, click on 'options' and set scale factor to reduce the file to max. 4200 MB. Choose 'output resolution to 720X576 (PAL) or 720X480 (NTSC). Set frame mode to 'match source'. Then goto main. Click encode button and set the new directory in a empty folder. The encoding process can take a few hours, so do it by nightjob. When encoding is finished, start ifoedit and open the VTS_01_0.IFO-file you created before. Click on VOB Extras and set re-mux; uncheck strip streams and set destination directory 'VIDEO_TS'. Make sure that the folder is uppercase. Then set the directory to the .m2v-file you created before with rempeg2. Oh, I forgot: when you clicked on encode-button in rempeg2, you must choose a directory and save as e.g. signs.m2v.
    Now press ok and ifoedit remuxes the reduced movie with the original audiostream. After this, start ifoedit again, open 'VIDEO_TS', open 'VIDEO_TS.IFO' press 'Get VTS-Sectors' and click yes to the appearing messages. Then open 'VTS_01_0.IFO and do the same. Ready.
    To get sure, that the result is ok, play the movie with ifoedit before burning. If ifoedit plays the movie, everything is alright.
  3. DOT

    DOT Guest

    Ah, ... jar343,
    you get the right scale factor like this:

    4,2 x 100
    --------- = 72,79 %

    4,2 is the max. filesize
    5,77 is the original size after picking out the extras and ... with ifoedit.

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