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big problems with magic 3.1 help

Discussion in 'PS2' started by account, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. account

    account Guest

    first off i have magic 3.1 version 7 ps2 with fliptop/ swap magic cd 2.0 and 3.0 dvd 2.0 disc for double disc check games.

    i installed my chip (used) awhile ago (few weeks ago) the problems im having is with ps1 games and dvd rips.

    dvd rips:
    most of them dont load (t3, underworld, some more)
    t3 works when i boot it up with my old swap magic 3 so it's not a bad burn.

    ps1 games:
    i have backed up many ps1 games but some of them don't work it goes to the black screen at first but then it goes to the browser screen with a disc read error or it shows a pic of a black disc. the ps1 games that don't work are: bomberman world, thrill kill, nightmare creatures 2, pacman world, resident evil directors cut, and tetris plus.

    i have many other backups of ps1 and ps2 that work fine.
  2. account

    account Guest

    tetris for ps1 doesn't work either i just backed that up and it doesn't work!

    fusk im getting so pissed off i have waisted so many discs now i have gone through a pack of 50 cd's in 5 days! on dvd rips and ps1 games
  3. account

    account Guest

    anyone please i need some help here

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