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Black Friday, What to Buy?

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by WSMGDJ, Nov 25, 2004.


    WSMGDJ Guest

    It's hard to read through thousands of messages on the boards to figure out what I need to get the day before Black Friday so any help here will be greatly appreciated. I know from reading that Verbatim DVD's seem to be good as well as Ritek GO3 disks. Last year I bought some Imation DVD's at the Black Friday sale at Office Max I believe it was. Anyway, when it burns these disks it tells me in the corner that they are in fact Ritek GO3 disks. I use DVD-R's and have never burnt a coaster as long as I've been using them. I only wish I would have bought more than one pack of 10 or 15 or whatever I got. Anyway, I've not went through all the ads but I want to get a decent deal on some blank DVD-R's to back up my PS2 games and some of my DVD's that I have.

    Here's some of the stuff I've saw:

    Staples has TEON DVD-R's for $2.74 after rebates but I've browsed other forums and sometimes they seem to work and others not.

    Best Buy has Verbatium 25 Pack 4x DigitalMovie DVD-R disks on sale for $10.99
    Memorex 50 pack 8X DVD-R disks for $19.99

    Office Depot has the Imation DVD-R's, a 50 pack for $44.97. I've had great luck with the Imation one's I got last year on Black Friday but want to be sure they are still Ritek disks.

    Anyway, any help/suggestions appreciated.


    WSMGDJ Guest

    Bump one time, anybody??

  3. Megadeth

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    Dec 10, 2003
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    I just picked up 100 Ritek G05 8x 4.7 GB DVD-R for $40.00 with free shipping at Run-pc.com.

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