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Black Hawk Down

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by AND1, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. AND1

    AND1 Guest

    Did any of you guys rip and burn Black Hawk Down on 1 DVD-R with IfoEdit. Is it possible to put it one 1 DVD with just the movie. If so let me know. thanks
  2. dvdnut

    dvdnut Guest

    I am new to ripping DVDs and I choose Blackhawk Down for my first rip. I choose to split it to two DVD-Rs but would rather went with one one DVD-r with just the main movie. I would be very interested in the best method to do this. Anyone got a guide for this?

  3. tony99

    tony99 Guest

    i have blackhawk down on one dvd

    use smart ripper (to rip),rempeg2 (to encode),then spuce up (to do a menu and scene selection),i have backed up a lots and lots of dvds this way
  4. jeffreytp

    jeffreytp Guest

    I am trying to make a back up of Black Hawk Down.
    The problems that I am having is, the movie plays on my computers DVD to a certain point and starts to skip or stops altogether. I try to rip it using variuous ripping programs: Smartripper, cladMdec 1.5c, & cladDVD XP 1.3 and it stops when it gets to a certain VOB file, or in the middle of a VOB file.

    I can play the DVD on my home tv DVD player, and it works fine. I thought there was something wrong with the disk, so I got a second copy of it and the same problem happens. I thought that maybe something is wrong with the DVD drive well. But I watched and ripped a different movie with no problem, so that measn my drive is fine.

    I am running Win 98SE & ASPI version 4.60(1021). Any ideas would really be appreciated.


    Thanks for the help.


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