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Bleach 4

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Games' started by Omegazasz, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Omegazasz

    Omegazasz Member

    Jun 1, 2007
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    Hi i have a question i have FW 3.03 OE-C for my PSP and have ben suing it for a wile. i D/l Bleach heat the soul 4 for the PSP and i did what i needed to do like i all ways have before with all of my other games that are English or jap. but with this one i have ben getting a err when i load it. do i need to update my FW or something els and i have d/l other files types to test if it wos a bad copy.
  2. OWNaruto

    OWNaruto Guest

    It shouldn't be a bad file, depending on where you got it from. However, for Bleach: HtS4, you do need to update to 3.40 OE-A. So far that is the only thing that currently works with it.

    EDIT: However, seeing as this game is DEFINATELY worth it, I would suggest taking a peek at http://www.play-asia.com and consider ordering it. It's not too terribly much. It eliminates the need to take up space on your memory stick.
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