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Boot and play - nice and simple (very interesting, please read)

Discussion in 'PS2' started by cyadron, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. cyadron

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    Feb 9, 2005
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    Boot and play - nice and simple (very interesting, please read)...

    Good games on the PS2 that won't be ported on the PC (or ported bad, or much later) convinced me to buy this console. Amazing... no framerate, good graphics, and the great console feeling. The fun was short because the demos on the PS2 demo are all played and now boring, and one original game that I got with the PS2 was finished times and times again. OK, no problem, just buy some new games. But there is the store, all the great games you ever wanted to play... and the empty wallet. Damn, if those original games were cheaper and not so many to choose from. NOOOO! back to the demos ;(. But still, there must be a way...

    I gathered some infos from the net and here is what we all should know ( please correct me if I am wrong):
    1. The original games are expensive.
    2. There is no way (not even one) to make a copy of an original game (using any program... alcohool, clone dvd, nero, dvd decrypter, you name it), using any method (read subchannel data, read id, add extra files, remove files, you name it) and that copy to work on your brand new, unmodifed PS2.
    3. You can't make any CD/DVD to work on a PS2 (boot CDVD, mp3 CDVD, divx CDVD, game CDVD, Audio CDVD) using your home CDVD-writer.
    4. The only DVDs that work on this unmodified PS2 are only the Movie DVD's. Please correct me if I am wrong. Maybe VCDS and SVCDS work too? or maybe audio CDS, or audio DVDS (audio DVD?!). I am talking about CDVDs made with your home CDVD writer. And an unmodifed PS2.

    And now the questions:
    1. If I am right, why only the Movie DVDs work on the PS2? Is there maybe a way to trick the PS2 into believing that a game CDVD is actually a movie CDVD and boot it?
    2. The original DVDs are not written by a dvd-writer they are made this way using a machine. So the potection is physic and not software. This is why no matter what software you use you can't bypass the protection. But still, maybe I am wrong. These companies that make "gamepro action disks" don't have any deal with sony, they are illegal, and still they make perectly good boot cd's. They must have a way. HOW?! (more info here: "http://club.cdfreaks.com/lite/t-48477-p-1.html").
    3. And now the exploit. From what I know there is an exploit for PS2 that you can use to trick the PS2 and boot you precios home-made DVD or CD. There are many versions of this exploit like: memory card exploit HD loader exploit, etc. But since we don't want to spend more money on a HDD for the PS2, I guess we need the memory card eploit (we do have a PS2 memory card). To load the exploit on the memory card you need to boot a CD made by you with the exploit. So you need a chip or an original boot CD that we don't have. Let's say we go to a friend with our memory card. The friend has a modified PS2 with a chip. We insert into his PS2 our memory card and we boot from our home-made exploit CD. The exploit installs on the memory card and all is ok. We take our memory card, we thank our friend, and we go home. Now we insert the memory card into our PS2 and what next?!. From what I know we need to trigger the exploit with an original PS1 cd. Some questions here: maybe we can tigger the exploit using the PS2 demo disc? Let's say we triger the exploit using a PS1 original disc. Now what? we EJECT the PS1 disc and put our home made DVD or maybe we use the swap method (not explained here) and change it with our DVD? or maybe a PS2 DVD won't work and we need to use a PS2 CD? but all the good games are on DVD, what to do to use the DVD? Use an original boot cd (we dont have one)? or maybe an intersting thing: we triger the exploit using the same CD that our game is on. (the cd has the id of the exploit trigging game but it has a different game (our' PS2 game) and we don't need to change the discs. Damn, too many questions ...;).
    4. I have some original PS2 CD's: Action Replay 2 v1.9 The first CD is black and it's writing: USB Device Driver VER AR2-1.9P and the USB logo (I think it's like this to camouflage the real content ;)). The second CD is blue and it's writing: AR2 v2 100% unofficial for playstation 2 DISC 02 Bonus PSone codes. The problem is that using the 1'st cd won't work on the unmodifed PS2 console (I have SCPH-50004 but I tryed on SCPH-30003 R too). It won't boot, like it's not original, but it is. The second cd works, it's booting but only have cheats for the PS1. The question: can I use the second cd to boot other PS2 home-made CDs or DVDs using the swap method? Or this works only for PS1 home-made CD's?

    Thank you for reading this long article.
    Thank you for you trying to answer and help me and hopefully many others.
    Sorry for my English, I am not a native.
    Sorry if I broke any forum rules, I am new here and this is my 1st post (and hopefully not the last one).
    I only try to find a way to use the PS2 and play non-original games by using only the console, and maybe an original boot cd. I don't want to spend more money on modchips, swap cards, and other stuff. Maybe in my country this things are very hard to find and expensive. Just plain and simple ;)
    A SCPH-50004 PAL console brand new from Italy.
    One Dual Shock joystick.
    One 8MB PS2 memory card.
    One PS2 demo disc.
    One original PS2 game (this is football 2003 in Italian language).
    The connection wires (ac power and audio/video).
    Things bought later (optional):
    AR2-1.9 2 discs and two memory cards shaped things (one for AR2 and one that it writes on it "Equalizer CDX".

    Thank you again for reading and maybe answering. This forum is great. You are doing a great job. Good Luck!
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    May 19, 2004
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