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Booting Games via USB and Swap Magic

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by aeffertz, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. aeffertz

    aeffertz Member

    Oct 24, 2007
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    Well, what i want to do is play a game off of my USB Drive on my PS2. ha.
    I have Swap Magic 3.6 Plus, which allows Games to be loaded off a USB Drive. uhm, I have a v13 ps2, so it should be capable.
    But, im unsure of how exactly to play the games off of it.
    I Made a Custom Guitar Hero Game (Yes, it works, i've burned a copy of it on a DVD) and thats what i want to be able to play off of it.
    So, can i just drag the ISO onto the drive, plug it into the ps2, and load swap magic? That's how they explain it, but i've read on other places that you need to download USB-Advanced, or something?
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Cybertick

    Cybertick Guest

    you need to format your hdd with usbextreme same with transfer usbextreme is the only thing that work`s with usb drives so far i know
    but the compatibility with usb drives sucks look at
  3. Josho2

    Josho2 Member

    Dec 25, 2006
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    You need to download USBExtreme. Plug your USB drive into your Computer, and download USBAdvance ELF. You could find it on the web, and download it.

    Open your USB Drive via My Computer X:\ (X being your drive letter) and make a new computer. Create a folder called "SWAPMAGIC" and then put the USBAdvance ELF in the folder. Rename the UASBAdvance SWAPMAGIC.ELF.

    Now you're done with USBADVANCE.

    Mount yout iSO image using UltraiSO, PoweriSO, Nero DeamonTools, or any other image drive application. Then go into USBExtreme, format your drive to FAT or FAT32. MAKE SURE IT'S FAT!

    On USBExtreme, select your Disc Drive as your mounted drive, example X:\ (where X is your mounted drive letter) and then choose CD or DVD, if the iSO is bigger then 800MB, it's DVD. Then choose your Title, and click Add, or start, I forget. :-D.


    Plug your USB drive into your PS2, load Swapmagic, and USBAdvance will pop up. Choose your game, and click X.

    Enjoy. I do it this way for all my games, I buy them, play them, then put them straight on the HD. I do this for bought games to preserve laser life, make it run faster and also for ease or bringing it round to someones house.

    Sorry if I missed out anything, I just wrote that off hand.

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