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Breaker Pro Problems on PS2 Fliptop

Discussion in 'PS2 - CD backup discussion' started by Kibaikasu, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Kibaikasu

    Kibaikasu Member

    Apr 2, 2012
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    I'm having problems with my Breaker Pro disk. I boot it up, press X, swap the disk with a PSX backup, press X again to boot it up, and it stays stuck on the 'booting now...' screen. I have tried this using 4 CD-R's, both the .cue and the .ccd files of the same game burnt on 2 different disks using both Alcohol 120% and ImgBurn, all with the same results.

    Hardware I'm using is a PS2 Slim SCPH-77001 with the Flip Top installed. It will load regular PS2 games, have yet to try a PS2 back-up, wanna get the PS1 backups playing first before I try PS2 ones first.

    If anyone can offer assistance I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. senseikoi

    senseikoi Member

    Aug 22, 2012
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    Playing any ps1 backup on any ps2 console correctly

    What you need is:

    1. no Modded Ps2 or ps2 slim , old one , new one any kind any version.
    a. for normal Ps2 you need a slide tool which is necesery to open tray for disk exchange without alerting the system.(you Tube)
    b. for ps2 slim you need special or home made 3 plastic pins, tools to switch on the buttons. (to avoid alerting the system agian , You Tube)

    2. Ps2 memory card ( + ps 1 memory card for playing ps 1 games)

    3. Swap Magic ps 2 coder (any version)

    4. free software MC Boot (google)

    5. software Ulaunch elf - ULE v4.28 ( this is root software to launch other data on your Playstation 2 .elf files and to acces your Pendrive) (google)

    6. Psx Launcher.elf File (google)

    7. Pendrave , any USB storage for data

    8. Old Software Breaker Pro for Playstation 1 (google) , this software can be ripped on PC Hard dive from Original CD , but everybody have a problem with burning this to a cd.
    All Becouse after Ripping to drive this image file is recoded and its larger than CD its about over 1GB. so Normally will never burn this to a cd, But there is a way. ( You must burn this to a cd , not DVD)

    9. Original Ps1 Disc Game with small TOC ( game data size like 50 - 80 mb not higher than 100 mb , ps 1 demo disc or ps 1 short game)

    10. Clone Cd software (this one with sheep image) and blank cd

    11. Software to make and burn dvd image ( Ultra Iso , Nero , Alcohol) and blank dvd disc

    12. BIG Patience.

    How to do it:

    First you need to make DVD image with U Launch Elf Ule 4.28,
    Downloaded Ule 4.28 should have other files needed for full image DVD, you just put all files to make DVD Data Image using Nero or Ultra iso software.
    Files ahould be like this : Dummy , System.cnf , Ule
    Or simply download entire image of Ule and just burn your DVD (uLE v4.28 boot DVD ISO)

    Now copy YOur MC Boot installation files Boot.elf and other files to Your Pendrive and add next to them Psx Launcher.elf
    Start your Ps2 console, put Swap magic and connect your Pendrive to ps2.
    when swap magic will ask for a dvd after recoding put Your BUrned DVD with ule.
    YOu should se an Ule program .
    Now through Ule open your Pendrive, click "Mass" then you will be able to locate and launch MC Boot elf files from your pendrive.
    Launch MC Boot.elf or Boot.elf to install MC Boot. when you cant acces your Pendrive reconnect him or restart console.

    Now when you Have MC Boot installed copy THis PsxLauncher.elf to MC storage (memory card) Using ULe again.
    If Your MC BOOT is Installed corectly you can now acces to him through Your Ps2 Browser.
    Now start YOur MC Boot Normally and Configure your hot key/s at YOur Game Pad, choose one hot key to start this PsxLauncher.elf from Memory Card (MC)
    Then when you start ps2 you simpply click button and program PsxLauncher will start.
    (YOU can load psxLauncher.elf normally through Ule from your pendrive)

    TIme for Breaker Pro to be Burned.
    YOu will use Clone CD ( this with sheep picture)
    Start program locate your Breaker image who has over 1 gb data, put blank cd and start burning. Program will say its too big file but you click ok anyway.
    after some time when process will be at about 80% you will get error " Burning failed", but dont worry you got your Breaker burned correctly.

    Last step , Important .

    YOur original ps1 game must be same color system like breaker pro
    which means both must be PAL or NTSC
    NOw YOu need to Use this Psx Launcher to play Backup game.
    Put original ps1 game this small TOC one and turn on ps2 while holding your hot key, PsxLauncher will start you will see black screen with some small white letters and your game will stop spinning,
    THis program need to check only first signature of game cd. then replace to your Fresh burned Breaker Pro and click "x".
    Breaker will launch like normal ps1 game with all options Pal/Ntsc that gives you ability to load any ps1 game correctly.

    PsxLauncher can be run anytime throught Ule or Mc Boot later.

    YOUr ps1 games need ps1 memory card at another slot.

    WORKING 100%

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