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Breaker Pro used in conjunction with Swap Magic 2.0 CD

Discussion in 'PS2' started by daBoy, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. daBoy

    daBoy Member

    Dec 4, 2003
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    I have the 2.0 CD version of sm, not 3.0, can anyone who owns the Breaker Pro kindly show me the (swap) steps needed to play DVDRip (632mb+CD-R backups) games, thanx!


    first can u burn game what dvd disc are u usein
  3. SEGAbhoy

    SEGAbhoy Guest

    You can but the game might stall,

    Okay insert your sm 2 compact disc(i use sm3 but it should be the same)

    now press eject when the load screen comes and it should say insert bigger toc disc,

    insert breaker 1.1 and it should say invalid ps2 disc but don't worry about that.

    now using the slide tool/fliptop insert your import/back-up ps2 disc
  4. SEGAbhoy

    SEGAbhoy Guest

    Erm if that doesn't work sorry, i am a dickhead....
  5. billz

    billz Active member

    May 12, 2003
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    steps for breaker pro
    1) swap magic disk
    2)eject like normal and insert breaker pro wait until you hear the disk stop spinning roughly about 20 secs
    3)use swap method to insert dvdrip
  6. jag87

    jag87 Member

    Mar 9, 2004
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    does this work with DVD backups such as Sonic heroes?
  7. SEGAbhoy

    SEGAbhoy Guest

    Okay I sense your problem is not the breaker pro. It should work with dvd rips but sonic heroes needs a fix. Check swapmagicfix.com for the fix and use this guide to apply it:

    Here is a better way of patching a DVD PS2 game with a dummy file.
    I'm going to use Sonic Heroes as an example.

    1.Insert Sonic Heroes disc and open DVD Decrypter, click tools at the top scroll down to the iso button and click on read. Now at the very bottom there is a picture of a dvd with an arrow pointing to a harddrive , click on it.

    2.When it is finished launch ISO Buster and look for your iso file created by dvd decrypter. When found click on it and at the menu select all files in the iso and right click on one of them then click on extract objects. Extract them to a folder on your desktop.

    3.Now when that is done get your dummy file that you downloaded from www.swapmagicfix.com, extract it and copy it then go to your folder on your desktop containing the extracted files paste the dummy file and you will see a prompt asking you if you want to replace _DUMMY_.bin, click yes.

    4.Now you will need to do a bit of searching for this product but you need Sony CD_DVD-rom generator found on overnet or kazaa. Open it and select new project then create a dvd master disc (NOT DUAL LAYERED).

    5.Go back to your dummy file you got from swapmagicfix and open the readme that came with it. Now look at the list of files and drag and drop those files from your game folder on your desktop to the sony CD_DVD-Rom generator in that order. (For the MODULES folder just drag the whole folder onto the sony software).

    6.Considring you are using a pal version of sonic heroes explore the cd and you will find a SLES_XXX.XX file. (It should be SLES_519.50) and take note of this then click on the Volume tab in the Sony cd_dvd-rom generator and type in "SLES51950" to the discname field, just like that, no spaces or full stops/_.

    7.Now go to the layout tab of the sony cd_dvd-rom generator and right click on SYSTEM.CNF select location and retype the numbers that you saw on the dummy file readme. If it says 0000300 retype all of it! Not 300 but 0000300 and even if the old and new numbers are the same (most of them are) do it anyway! If this is done right you should see stars alongside all the black new numbers (not the red ones, don't thouch those files).
    8. Now click on the record button (do exactly as I say from now on, it is easier to do this or else you may get confused) and you will see a new window, type in sonic as the name and save the file on the C: drive (or whatever letter you use for your harddrive) and not in any folder, just the C: drive.

    9.When that is done you will see two errors, just click ok and now a new window will pop up. Click file and export image, name the file as sonic and save them to your C:\ drive, not in a folder but on your c: drive.

    10. That takes a while, it should start to create the files automatically but if it doesn't, click on create at the bottom of the pop up. Now it gets a bit tricky here but if you followed my insructions exactly just do this and it should work. Click start on your desktop an click on the run button, then type cmd or command and press enter.

    11. You should see something like this: C:\Document and Settings\Owner> or C:\DOCUM~1\owner> , now type in this after C:\Document and Settings\Owner>, type in: "cd C:\" (don't type in the ") so it should look like this: C:\Document and Settings\Owner>cd C:\, press enter and C:\> should come up and after that type in exactly this: "sonic.000 + sonic.001 + sonic.002 heroes.iso" (don't type in the ") and press enter.
    12. After about 15 minutes a heroes.iso file should be created and now burn this with nero, alcohol 120% or whatever you normally use for dvd's (you should have dvd decrypter from this guide).

    Or try looking around the forum (there is an easier way to do this with discjuggler)

  8. SEGAbhoy

    SEGAbhoy Guest

    That guide was for the pal version just change the sles file name

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