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breaker pro

Discussion in 'PS2' started by miffedoff, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. miffedoff

    miffedoff Guest

    i have a slim ps2 with magic keys 2 inside.my breaker pro doesn't work,it is an original pal disc.but my ps2 just says that it isn't an ps2 disc (or something like that) and it won't work.

    why is this??
  2. MasterChu

    MasterChu Guest

    Moving to Langjökull in Iceland - so all the info I posted is moving with me!
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  3. miffedoff

    miffedoff Guest

    actually my ps2 is a pal system.also swap magic won't play my backups.same thing (says this is not a valid ps2 disc).

    why is this happening?,i've installed magic keys properly FFS!!!
  4. miffedoff

    miffedoff Guest

    is there a version of ps2 slim that won't let breaker pro work then or wot?? coz it doesn't recognise it as a valid disc.also swap magic boots up but it won't play ps2 backups either.

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