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Burn Process Stops at 98 percent - Driver, Media or Hardware Problem?

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by jesperity, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. jesperity

    jesperity Guest

    I am having difficulty burning DVD's. What happens is that I can start the burn process, everything goes fine and then at either 97 or 98 percent of the way complete the burn process quits burning. This ends up locking up my system and I end up having to hard boot the machine to release the DVD. Typically I use Nero to burn, but have tried burning an image using DVD Decrypter and have the same problem. I thought maybe a bad ASPI file so I unistalled NERO and installed the ADAPTEC ASPI driver but still had the same problem.
    If I burn data discs the process works fine, but if I attempt to burn Video it bugs out. I am thinking that maybe it might be the media, but it seems strange that if it were the media that it would only bug out when burning video.
    I am using the PIONEER A04 burner.
  2. jesperity

    jesperity Guest

    Just is case anybody cares, the answer is the MEDIA. I went and purchased some Maxell discs and they burned perfect. That is what I get for purchasing Cheap discs online. - -- As a side note, I am returning the cheap discs, and according to the vendor, they are claiming that the discs are not really 4.7 GB even though that is what is printed on the cake box, that the majority of discs are around 4 GB and the problem is that if you try to burn more than 4 gb you will have compression problems which scrambles the video. ???
  3. harconan

    harconan Member

    Dec 14, 2002
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    hi i have the ao5 and had the exact same prob it took me all day but i found it could be the wiring of your system u must have h/d as master and dvdr as master depending on what u put as slaves u might get read errors so try and balance things out (and its not the media pioneer take a lkin keep on ticken because i use only pioneer 2x dvd-r and still was getting the error )

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