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Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by Blasterjk, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Blasterjk

    Blasterjk Guest

    I have seen tuts on tons of sites and read people's comments about how the do not understand certain terms or parts of tuts. Here goes the most layman and easy to understand procedure I can manage. BEWARE it is long, tedious and boring (no pics) If you do this step by step your already flashed xbox360 WILL play it.
    dvd +r DL burner on your pc
    Blank dvd DL disks (I prefer verbatim and believe it or not office depot brand)
    A dvd at least 7.5gig in size. Examples of disks that work: good shepherd, troy, alexander, the aviator, the matrix, gladiator. I use S5D4 of Angel.
    There are many ways to copy games, this is just the method I used.



    Disconnect power to your pc. Open your pc and remove your dvd+r dl burner. If you are unsure how to this step then stop reading now and quit messing with your 360 because you will brick it. I put my pc on its side and hung the power and ide cables out. Unscrew the cover and play with the face plate on most drives to get the top off. Once the top is off set the drive on the pc and reconnect the ide/or sata cable and the power cable. Now i will explain something to anyone that does not understand how a cd/dvd drive works, inside the cover you just removed is the balancer which is magnetic (round thing that rattles around) I will call this a "cap" it is needed before you think of running a disk. What I did was take apart an old cd rom drive I had laying around and remove the "cap" if your not a packrat like me then you will have to put the cover back on the drive everytime you swap disks. Now, with cover or cap in hand, plug power back into pc and boot it. Once your Windows '98 logo fades shoot your pc....er... sorry..once pc is booted open your Wxripper program. Make sure its Wxripper and not Wx360 which comes bundled frequently. If you have no cap and have to put cover on do so now, making sure it is lined up correctly. Eject drive and insert movie of choice being at least 7.5gig. If drive has autostart enabled wait for it to load then close the movie. In Wxripper you should now see the name of the movie and drive letter. Press the "stop drive" button (little square)and the drive should stop. Once the drive is stopped, raise the cover back off reach in and remove the movie manually, DO NOT PRESS EJECT. Once movie is out put in the game you want to backup the same way you removed the movie and replace the cover. Next, in Wxripper, select "spin drive" which is right next to stop drive and looks like a play button. After a few seconds with drive spinning select "find magic number" which looks like a magnifying glass. Numbers will popup on the screen. Under file select "save layout file" and chose the save location. Once that is saved select "start dump" which is green arrow right next to movie name. Choose where to save it and hit ok. It will now begin to dump the game. MOST games I have copied except 2 will give a cycle error. This depends on the drive you have, it happens because the drive cannot read certain parts of the disk. To fix this is simple. Here is an example of a normal unchanged layout file I have from table tennis:


    With this layout the error for me happened in the third line (C109344) and in almost every case the third line is what will mess up. The solution is to open the layout file you saved with notepad. Goto the third line and change the first letter from a C to a D, make sure it is a capital D. That changes that sector into a "Dummy" file. C= copy,
    D= dummy. Now in Wxripper again, select "File" from the top then "open layout file". Select the file you just altered. When it loads you will see the 3rd line now says dummy. Attempt the dump again, select start dump. This time 99% of the time the dump will work. Normally if the error is in a different sector than it is from dirty unreadable disks. After the dump is complete, mine takes around 35 to 40 minutes each, you will have the file.

    STEP 2: SS merger

    Goto http://ss.softmodfiles.net/index.php?page=Security Sectors and get the "SS" sector for the game you are backing-up. The SS file is a unique "code" that is needed for the disk to be recognized. Once the SS file is saved to your computer (it saves in .bin format) open the SSmerger program. Under the tab "iso file" open the iso you just dumped. It will say, "name-of-game.iso is Wxripper style length" click
    ok. Next it will say "Current security sector md5:numbers-of-game" hit ok again, next it will ask if you want to calculate the md5 sum online
    CLICK NO, the site it goes to is down or something and it will waste time for unnecessary crap. Once that is done select the tab beneath the iso file called ss file and select the ss.bin you just downloaded.
    In every instance for me the ss file on SSmerger program turns red, dont worry about that. Next click "merge and create layer break file" button (looks like a giant road sign). After a few seconds it will finish. Now where you have the original dump iso is a ".dvd" file.


    People have mentioned a few burning programs thus far that work and sometimes do not work for them. I use IMGburn and it has a 100% success rate. Counting my games and my buddies games I backed up for him I have made 22 successful copies using IMGburn.
    Remove game from drive and replace cover. Using eject button pop in a
    blank DVD+R DL disk. Next, open IMGburn. Once it has loaded select File-Browse for a file and select the .dvd file you made with SSmerger, DO NOT SELECT THE ISO ITSELF BUT THE .DVD FILE. Next click the "write" button and expect a decent wait, mine takes 45 minutes to burn but it all depends on your write speed.

    When it completes pop it into your 360 and enjoy.

    Now I would like to clear up some crap I have read so far. It DOES NOT matter if you get layout file from game or movie....it is exactly the same. Some say, "no thats wrong you have to do it with game". The reason why is it is copying the entire space of the movie and inserting the game including the "filler" that the games contain.
    Next to cover the rubish of the nubish that is certain to be asked:

    1. Yes, this for xbox360, not original xbox.
    2. Yes, you do need to have a firmware flashed 360 to play these games.
    3. Yes, it is illegal to rent from blockbuster and burn games.
    4. Yes, you can find all the programs needed to create and burn ON YOUR OWN.
    5. Yes, your parents will buy you another 360 when you brick this one.

    I left out alot of info such as a movie is not the only thing you have to use, you can create your own swap disk using filler files and programs from your pc on a blank dvd+r dl. I left stuff out because it is a step by step barebones boring nub tutorial that they can read and slowly do each step, no need to confuse further.

    BTW, this is the 4th thread I have ever written in my life and the first attempt at a tut, thus it is boring and without pics.
  2. mikeismad

    mikeismad Regular member

    Feb 19, 2007
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    this isnt going to help people, its just as complicated as others, the best way to dump a game is with the samsung pc drive or your xbox 360 dvd drive, and use xbox backup creator to dump the game, using your dual layer dvd drive is very complicated.
  3. Blasterjk

    Blasterjk Guest

    It is always difficult for me to deal with certain people because I lack patience. I figured out how to use this method on the first try for a successful disk. I have yet to try any other method but I would figure it out first try, and i consider myself to only be slightly above average technologically speaking. Point being if someone cant figure out how to burn a game using this tut, or most other tuts out there, than they need to stop messing with their machine because not only do they lack the initial knowledge to do it but they lack the ability to learn and an expensive machine like this should not be toyed with by these people. Find someone with a higher learning curve to do it for you.
  4. wabashman

    wabashman Active member

    Apr 30, 2006
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    im going to have to agree with mike on this issue. using the samsung drive is the easiest way to backup games. it makes no sense to use the winxripper method when you can buy this drive for 40 on ebay.
  5. Blasterjk

    Blasterjk Guest

    Using your xbox360 drive to do it is ALOT more time consuming unless you keep your box open at all times. Samsung drive is obviously the fastest and best way with copy program but I dont want to bother buying the drive when I have an easily removable face on my pc and long enough ide/power cable to just pull the drive forward. I use a spare magnetic balancing cap all the time and leave the top off my drive so it is a fast easy process. I dont even have to open my pc at all. To each his own. I use whats easiest, cheapest, and fastest for me.
  6. Blasterjk

    Blasterjk Guest

    What I do not understand and never will is all the questions. "What drive should I use?", "How do i do a dump of a game?", "what do I do with the dump?"
    Tons of posted threads here asking these questions....with an equal amount answering how to before the question was even asked.

    Firmware Flashing the drive is cake. Making dumps of the game is cake. Writing the games is cake.

    I have now had an xbox360 for 2 weeks and have flashed and made copies of all games I bought without a hitch or error.


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