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Burning a .bin and .cue file.

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by Burns24, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. Burns24

    Burns24 Member

    Jul 23, 2004
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    I have a movie thats segmented into 2 parts each.
    Each halves consist of a .bin and a .cue file. I have no clue what Im supose to do to them to make them viewable. Please help.
  2. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Hi Burns24,

    2 choices -

    1. Go to the download site and consult FAQ. They will tell you what you need to do -

    2. Here at AfterDawn we have a super neat tool called a Search function. It's loaded with stuff that covers your question - Here, I'll show you how to use it -
    Now the following is a little confusing so stick with me ~ ~> There is a box at the top of each page that is empty and has the word "Search" printed by it. By typing in a request, in your case, "bin cue to dvd" - It should give you some associated material found throughout the forums. Pple who are asking the same questions and the answers to those questions. Some stuff you can use, some stuff you cannot :<(- Take a lQQk around and see if something applies You with me up till now ? Good ! Now, after you've arrived at that page, if you can't find what you want then, in some very small print, under the heading "FORUMS", then under that "FORUM SEARCH", you'll see "Search options" then "Site-wide search". Heh, heh, Ya still with me ? Yea, I know it's messed up - Anyway, by "clicking" on that "Site-wide search", you'll get a whole ton of Guides and related information about your topic, " bin cue to dvd ". I'm sorry it's so "round about" but we do have a lot of information for you :)

    Browse on through that and iffin ya get stuck using a guide just stop on back and we'll try to help you over whatever "bump" in the road you're having trouble with we'll try to help you get over it -

    Good luck,



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