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Burning Nightmare!

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by jwtrading, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. jwtrading

    jwtrading Member

    Apr 20, 2005
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    I've been having a load of trouble copying DVDs, I've followed all the usual guides and still have got nowhere. The problem is that whatever software i use to rip/re-encode/burn my writer gets stuck on 0%. I've updated the firmware, tried to install the latest ASPI drivers, used all kinds of new and old versions of the software (CloneDVD, DVDDecrypter, Shrink etc...). My drive and discs work fine when writing data backups etc... I really don't know what else to try. I'm using a new LG GSA4163B writer that can write every format of disc inc. DVD-RAM with Ritek G05 DVD-Rs or Sony DVD-RWs.
  2. gamename

    gamename Regular member

    Feb 24, 2005
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    can u copy and burn one that has already been ripped?
  3. freedom2

    freedom2 Regular member

    Dec 11, 2004
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    try this way.......
    some people get confused on the AnyDvd imformation window
    this is the way i have mine setup so i have steps 1.2.3.
    to go by.......

    1. double on the fox head, to open up anydvd
    2. click on the program tab at the top
    3. look at the settings screen at the bottom of the screen you see
    in front of you.
    4. put a check mark in the last box on the bottom of the page you
    see it says"Show Imformation Window For New Media"
    5. close AnyDvd
    6. now the next time you insert a dvd in your drive/burner ect
    what ever setup you may have.........
    7. the red fox head will get light in red color(this means anydvd
    is scanning the disks.
    8. now the imformation screen will pop up with all the imformation
    about the disks on it
    9. hit close button... your done with Anydvd for that disk
    10. now open up DVDShrink, click open disks
    11. now dvdshrink will Analize it..takes different times, for
    different movie's ect.
    12. now at some point all the imformation will pop up on the
    right side of the screen....
    13. now hit Re-Author button on tool bar at top of screen
    14. now double click main movie 1, (usally the biggest number
    on the list)
    15. now click on the tab that says "Compression Setting" at
    the top of the lists
    16. now un check all boxes underneth the "Subpicture" as you
    don't need any of them.
    17 now under the "Audio" uncheck all boxes but AC3 2-ch english
    or 5.1 something
    18. now either take the dvd out of your drive/ or put a blank in
    your burner
    19. hit back up.
    20.now you will see a "Backup DVD" screen
    21. now under "Select backup target" choose " ISO Image File"
    22. now under "Select target image file"
    23. click the "Browse" button
    (if you want your shrink files to go to your harddrive)
    24. highlight your folder (this is the folder you made on your
    computer before we did all this)
    25. now click "OK" on the bottom of the screen.
    26. now sit back, and don't do anything on your computer
    27. let DVDShrink do it's Encoding.................
    28. could take from 15 minutes to 60 min...or more, according
    to the movie/ and or your setup ect...

    29. now the next thing that will happen is a screen will pop up
    and tell you your files are in your folder (that you made) and
    are ready for burning with the proper burning software.
    30. click ok
    31. open up DVDDecypter.
    32. click on mode tab.
    33. highlight ISO.
    34. highlight and check ( W ) write.
    35. now under Source, click on the folder.
    36. find your folder (the one you made)
    37. click open.
    38. wait a couple seconds
    39. now at the bottom the arrow should be green,
    40. click on the arrow, if you did every thing right,
    you should be "burning now"
    41. sit back and wait, DVDDecypter will pop up and say
    something like "Operation Successful"
    42. remove your dvd/disk, close everything.............

    Well you should have a good back up of your dvd now

    42. now you need to go back to that folder again (that you made)
    open it up and highlight the ISO image you see and delete
    it ..............................ok thats it,

    good day.....

  4. jwtrading

    jwtrading Member

    Apr 20, 2005
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    Still no joy. It seems whatever I do, I can't write any DVDs that have been ripped/re-encoded. What ASPI drivers should I use? I've got the Adaptec ones installed at the moment. Is there anything else that I need?
  5. colw

    colw Active member

    Apr 25, 2004
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    Seem like some of your problems may be system related - checklist provide below:

    Listed below is my recipe for successful DVD burning - Have burnt between 500 and 1000 without any major burning or playback problems.

    People are free to accept or reject this advice - it is not prescriptive, merely advisory and has worked very well for me.

    1. Do not use labels on burnt media.
    2. Keep your hard drive defragmented.
    3. Ensure you have plently of free hard disk space.
    4. Ensure you do not have sypware/virus on your system.
    5. Keep you start up menu lean and clean.
    6. Use a program such as HijackThis to ensure your start up log is lean and clean.
    7. Avoid conflicting programs on your system e.g., Nero/Roxio do not play well together - choose one only.
    8. Avoid the use of packet writing software e.g, INCD, Direct CD.
    9. Avoid multi-tasking when ripping/encoding/burning.
    10. Do not install problematic programs such as Interactual Movie Player and remove from system if installed.
    11. Do not burn too fast (max 4x recommended).
    12. Ensure definitions for virus and spyware programs are up to date.
    13. Avoid burning unnecessary extras - do movie only in reauthor mode if using DVD Shrink
    14. Use brand name, quality players for burning - e.g., Plextor, Pioneer, Lite-On etc.
    15. Use an el cheapo Asian/Chinese standalone for playback - they are much more versitile and reliable than name brands and normaly handle both PAL and NTSC formats.
    16. Use quality DVD media - Ritek, Verbatim, TY's recommended.
    17. Reduce target size of burnt DVD to approx 4400 if using DVD Shrink.
    18. Store safely and keep away from children.
    19. Be very wary of downloaded movies - in most cases they are not worth the time or effort to reproduce.
    20. Ensure that DMA mode is enabled in your system settings.
    21. Load and skip through chapters on computer DVD player (e.g, Power DVD, WinDVD) prior to burning.

    My System Specs (don't laugh)
    PIII - 800 - 256Mb Ram
    Programs used: DVD Shrink (98%), DVD Decrypter (approx 2%), Nero (almost 100%) for burning.
    Success rate: 99% plus.
    Burner: Pioneer 106D
    ROM: JLMS - Lite-On
    Rip/Encode time: Between 10 and 50 minutes (depending on movie) - normally under 30 minutes.
    Burn Time: Between 12 and 15 minutes.
  6. tsquare43

    tsquare43 Regular member

    Dec 15, 2004
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    I am amazed at some of the quick burning times you guys are getting. My system is 1.5ghz (faster than yours)with 512mb ram. Using AnyDVD and CloneDVD, it usually takes about 1 1/2 hours start to finish. It doesn't bother me too much about the speed because I usually just set everything up and go do something else (honey-do list) while it does it's thing. Rip/encode (Toshiba DVD-ROM) takes about 45-50 minutes and burning (NEC 3520A) takes about 35-45 minutes. I usually run the finished burn through Nero Tool Kit to make sure it was a good burn -- 100% accuracy so far.


    Last edited: Apr 29, 2005
  7. jwtrading

    jwtrading Member

    Apr 20, 2005
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    no use - it seems my attempt to back-up dvds is set to end in failure. the drive just gets stuck on 0% whatever i try to do. yet it will burn all other types of disc no problem and at lightning speed.
  8. pfh

    pfh Guest

    Just a thought- maybe you have some anti-piracy software on your computer that you are unawhere of.

    Something is definetly wrong. You'd think if you can rip a dvd it would write ok.
  9. jwtrading

    jwtrading Member

    Apr 20, 2005
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    what kind of software? i can't see anything on there. what ASPI drivers have you guys got installed? thats the only thing i can think of.

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