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Burning PS2 Bootdisc

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Flashfire, Nov 14, 2002.

  1. Flashfire

    Flashfire Guest

    I have just got used 6 blank cd trying to get this thing to work ,but to no avail..

    Before you start...i always read the information that comes with the iso's,

    1..Use CDR-WIN
    2..Select Cue File
    3..Set writer speed to low write setting
    4..Write disk
    5..Wait 15mins
    6..Take disk out of CD-ROM drive
    7..Transport freshly burnt disc to PS2
    8..Look in horror at "Please insert playstation 2 ,playstation one cd-rom"
    9..Another CD bites to dust :(

    Somebody must have a boot disc that works..
    My playstation is a PAL type.

    I'm using 700mb disc..is this ok?

    Also...If i do a 1:1 copy of a NON dvd ps2 disc....ie use clonecd...do i need a modchip/boot disc??

    I would get the ps2 chipped but its only 1 week old..and i don't wanna invalidate the warranty..

    Any help that anyone can offer would be great.

  2. PS2_freak

    PS2_freak Guest

    you have to have ps2 chiped or it wont work.The boot disc is the disk that have to be used with neo 2.2 to play the buckups games.Boot disk is the actin reeplay 2 or dvd region x disc or the memori card 16mb,you have to have the 8mb memori card to usi it with dvd region cd.
  3. Flashfire

    Flashfire Guest

    Ahhhh ,i see
    Thx for the info

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