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burning ps2 games

Discussion in 'PS2' started by daiviien, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. daiviien

    daiviien Guest

    sup, i visited this info thing----ps2 v5/v6 problem. well these are the posts i got out of it, but what i was wondering was when u do what it tells you to do with the dvd Decrypter programe. after you burn a game do u need a mod chip for the game to work?? i downloaded the program (i did not try it yet cuz i gata barrow a game i dont have yet)but i no paul talked about a mod chip. soo i was wondering if i needed that chip in order for this to work

    thanx 4 ur time
    18. January 2004 @ 09:21
    i have one of those following versions, its moded, and my problem is, when i baught it (2 weeks ago) the ppl gave me 3 games with it, and they were burned games, these games still work fine, and so do the originals, BUT i have tried burning TONS of games, and none work, none....i tried using dvd+r's and dvd-r's ,and still no luck, why is it that my own games dont work, plz anyone help me ( and i dont use piracy , i have originals of all my games before i proceed to copy cuz my friend had to paya charge already , dont want that happening :p ), am i burning wrong, is it my ps2, or my chip? (by the way my modchip has to be held till u see playstation 2 to play originals, and to play the copied games they gave me i dont gota do nething it activates it itself, wut modchip do i got..?

    Junior Member
    18. January 2004 @ 09:52
    I think that you are burning the games wrong. I use DVD Decrypter. What I do is switch the mode to read and rip the dvd to the hard drive. After that, open DVD Decrypter again and switch the mode to write. Just select the iso that wasa ripped and vurn the game.

    18. January 2004 @ 10:20
    could you explain how.. i dont need to rip nothing, i have isos already and or the files tjhemselves....where do i go from here? thx for ur time :D

    Junior Member
    18. January 2004 @ 14:51
    since you dont need to rip anything and you already have the iso's, I would recommend using Nero as the software. Open up the program, cancel when a burning wizard comes up asking if you want cd or dvd. Go to the file menu and select "burn image." Just select the image and then burn the disk.

    18. January 2004 @ 17:58
    bro ive already tried burning the following games, smackdown, dbz budokai 2, nhl 2004, um ffx2, and many more.... i burn sucessfully the iso to the dvd-r, its not a problem but the ps2 still dusnt read them. Also should i extract the iso and the files in it to my hard drive and burn them or that wont work, or should i only buirn the iso.. could someone please specifically list what files i need to burn ty..^

    Junior Member
    18. January 2004 @ 19:05
    Since you have the originals why dont you try doing a direct copy of one of those and see if it works, if it does then either your iso's are somehow corrup, or you are burning them wrong.

    Ive had a couple of images burn successfully before and when opened on my comp, show an empty disc, but after brning another copy using exactly the same settings i get a working disc.

    18. January 2004 @ 19:14
    ok i did the thing that the first guy said ... and i burned smackdown.iso wit DVD Decrypter and it worked, im gona just do direct copies of games that i got and read/write them and it works, gona try more tommo and ill let u guys kno if i solved the problem, and thx for taking your time in helpin me
  2. devilhunt

    devilhunt Active member

    Aug 30, 2003
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    to get backup dvdr games to play on a ps2 you have to mod it in some way, you need to either use a no swap solder mod chip or a boot disc in conjunction with the fliptop/slidecard

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