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Burning PS2 Games

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Blitzkrei, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. Blitzkrei

    Blitzkrei Guest

    Ok I have a situation here, i just downloaded a game, Mortal Kombat Deception for the ps2. Now im not to sure how to burn it. I use Alcohol120 to load the file onto the drive that Alcohol gives u but then it doesn't work ??, and i can't burn the file cuse it's like 850 mb and a cd is only like 800kb ****PLUS i dun't have PS2 !!!**** so is there a way i can burn it, and play on my PC?? my friend said u need sum kinda patch.. But whatever i need can u tell me where to get it, and what it is that i need TANKS GUYS....
  2. OzMick

    OzMick Guest

    Firstly, you're posting in the wrong section.

    Secondly, you can't play it on your PC. No "but what if...". You can't play it. At all. Buy a PS2, it isn't that expensive.

    Thirdly, you'd need a DVD to fit the game onto. Or indeed, get a patch to tear unwanted stuff out of the image.

    Finally, it sounds like you pirated the game (you don't own a PS2, you downloaded the image...), and that is not on around here. Read the forum rules.

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