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Can somebody help me how I can change my .mpg files for .bup, .vob or .ifo files

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by Roope.N, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Roope.N

    Roope.N Guest

    I need help, how I can change my .mpg files for .bup, .vob or .ifo files. Thank you somebody who can tell me that.
  2. lionjoop

    lionjoop Guest

    U have use Nero Vision Expres 2 with MPG2 enconding,
    start NVE2 and make a DVD, use that MPEG/AVI as file for de-coding to DVD's standard IFO VOB and BUP.
    next page created chapter's, do that automatic by MPEG, about 20 minutes later the MOvie is created in chapter's, next page is a menu create page type the movie name above in over ISLAND, and next page is a test with remote control, for testing your new created movie, after that next page NERO said 1 movie, with 1 menu, burn to DVD. My extention is Burn to Harddrive in a created folder, When U burn to DVD and the movie is not good, U have a destroy DVD, on Harddrive U can see and test the created DVD files.
    The totasl of de-coding to DVD files is about 4,5 hour's.

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