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Cannot connect to the internet with the wii..

Discussion in 'Nintendo Wii / Wii U' started by wifanatic, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. wifanatic

    wifanatic Member

    Jun 2, 2007
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    i keep getting the error 51330, does anyone else have this?
  2. DavGerm4

    DavGerm4 Active member

    May 25, 2006
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    Error Code: 51300-51398

    Our experience has shown that this error message is typically caused by WEP Key issues. Please read the following information:

    * Check Nintendo’s router info for special notes, if available, for your router.
    1. Click here to go to our Wireless Router Configuration page.
    2. Use the drop-down box on the left to select, if available, your router manufacturer.
    3. Click on your router's model number, if available.
    4. Read any "special notes" at the top of the router's page. Many issues can be solved by changing settings described in the "special notes."

    * Are you using WEP security on your router?
    1. Log into the router using the default IP (consult your router's manual for assistance)
    2. If you are using 64-bit encryption, the WEP Key must be a 10-character key consisting of numbers or letters A through F.
    3. If you are using 128-bit encryption, the WEP Key must be a 26-character key consisting of numbers or letters A through F.
    4. The WEP Key must be a Hexadecimal (1-9, A-F, no other special characters or letters).
    5. Verify they are using the WEP Key in the first (#1) slot. Even though their router may have multiple slots, the Nintendo DS is only compatible with the WEP Key in slot #1.

    * Check to see if your router is using MAC filtering.
    1. Log into the router using the default IP.
    2. Find the section for MAC Filtering (typically under "Security").
    3. If MAC Filtering is on ("enabled"), enter the Nintendo DS’s MAC address to the list of approved MAC address. For info on locating the DS’s MAC address, click here. (For assistance with locating the MAC Filtering section of your router’s setup tool, please consult the router’s manual or contact the manufacturer.)

    If you are still unable to connect, please call 1-800-255-3700 in the USA or Canada for more information.

    I got this information at: http://www.nintendowifi.com/customersupport/troubleshoot.do?error=51330&x=0&y=0

    Hope this helps!

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