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Cannot load ISO/CSO files halp please

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by unloopy, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. unloopy

    unloopy Guest

    i'm trying to load .iso and .cso files that are in the root/ISO directory.

    firmware: 1.50
    devhook: v .46

    i successfully (i think) downgraded to 1.50 from my store bought 2.71 with a TA-082 mobo (i mean it says 1.50 firmware in the system information).

    i then installed devhook .46 using the ultimate installer, direct to the psp through a usb.

    When I turn on the psp from off I am in 1.50, i then access the memory card under games (a 4GB sandisk pro duo bought at future shop [a big store chain, no risk of it being fake i dont think]), I go to Device Hook PSP Firmware Emulator - it then loads that to something looking like DOS (devhook).

    At this point I dont really know what I'm doing, I've juggled with all the settings I have seen in many many FAQs but none seem to cause any of 3 games I have on there to load.

    umd select: xxxxx.iso (image+anyumd was chosen, although its automatic when i set firmware to 2.71)
    fw: 2.71
    cpu clock: 222mhz / 111mhz
    boot select: reboot XMB
    UMD SFO VERSION: 2.xx to 2.00

    commenced by going to "start" and pressing circle.

    i go to game->memory stick->device hook

    "This game cannot be started. The data is corrupted."

    when i change the boot select to "RunUMD" (the only other boot select option that doesnt outright freeze the psp on boot), the xmb loads and says "The game could not be started (80010002)".

    using fw 1.50 in devhook and trying to direct run freezes devhook before reboot, other options freeze during boot (black screen).

    I AM able to use Firmware 1.50 (flash), reboot to xmb, umd select (xxxxxx.iso and then NOUMD).

    This successfully takes me into the xmb with firmware 1.50 loaded, and i can see the game i am trying to play as a umd, the background changes and the game animation shows, but at this point when i want to run the game it says I need to update. Then when i try to run the update that also showed up at the same time (as part of the umd) it says "The game could not be started. (800200D9)" (to the update i mean)

    i have read everything i could find, and this is really bothering me now, my dad got a psp for my brother in hospital which i was supposed to load games on, i firmware updated it stupidly to 3.11 not knowing that it would be useless for iso/cso, he returned that one for another from the store which had 2.71 and now i still dont have anything to give my brother that is working.
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  2. isbreen

    isbreen Regular member

    Sep 22, 2006
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    If you have 1.5fw why don't you load DarkAlex's 3.03OE-C. Far far better than devhook.
  3. npdyna

    npdyna Regular member

    Jan 24, 2005
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    what isos are you trying to run?

    As isbreen said, custom firmware is a better option than devhook.

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