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Cannot rip all chapters of DVD

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by obi1kinob, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. obi1kinob

    obi1kinob Guest

    I should've just started a thread first. Anyway, SmartRipper only seems to rip the first 3 or 4 (I think 4) chapters out of 9 from AniMatrix. First, when I open SmartRipper, it says No Aspi-Adapter Available. I usually ignore and continue(bad move?)

    The Dvd is 7.91 GBs.
    My Dvd Rom is Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1612.

    After Authenticating, there are two titles: Title1 and Title2. (This means Dual-Layer?) Title1(5613mb) has Program Chains up to 20. Program Chain 1 has the longest length clip (00:37:57), and NINE chapters. Whats the hard part you say? From chapter 5 to 9, all the information displays 0kb and 00:00:00 length. Chapters 1 through 4 contains normal lengths. All 9 chapters are supposed to be each 10 minutes long.
    TITLE2(2436mb) has 11 Program Chains. Program Chain 3 has 7 chapters in the Angle. Chapters 5 through 7 DO have file sizes and lengths, and also is 55 minutes (longer than the title1 angle) Why didn't I try to rip this? It can't. It keeps Searching Key... and does nothing else.

    What I really want to do is just copy this DVD to play on my Harddrive. I dont care about burning it on cdr or dvdr. Just a high quality copy, regardless of how much space it takes. I have 54 gigs of space, running Windows XP, 1.8 ghz pentium 4, 512 PC 2100 DDR ram, 16x Dvd rom, 64mb Nvidia geforce2. I hope I have been thorough in giving enough information. I appreciate any help.

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  2. Oriphus

    Oriphus Senior member

    May 31, 2003
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  3. obi1kinob

    obi1kinob Guest

    Great, thanks. I actually got dvdencryptor and it made 4 vbo's which seems to contain all the chapters. I went ahead and installed the aspi thing anyway. I'm still stuck on the Vfapi error. (I didn't get DVD Shrink, it seems to do it all in one. I want to learn all the steps so I can do other things if needed)

    The error says:
    Couldn't locate decompressor for format 'vifp' (unknown)

    VirtualDub requires a Video for Windows (VFW) compatible codec to decompress video. DirectShow codecs, such as those used by Windows Media Player, are not suitable.

    This happens when I try to load the avi in VirtualDub.

    Am I the only one who messed up so much their first time?

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