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Cant write @ 8x! help

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by NooobFTW, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. NooobFTW

    NooobFTW Guest

    I followed alkohol's guide , and i managed to create a perfect rebuild of GT4(the size is EXACTLY the same with alkohol's iso).

    I noticed , that even if i set the speed (dvd decrypter) at 8x , the program always burning the iso at 4x.

    The dvd is TDK 16X , and as you already know if the burning speed is lower than 8x , ps2 cant read the disk!!.

    What can i do to increase the speed?Should i try with alcohol?


    the guide is here:
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  2. NooobFTW

    NooobFTW Guest

    I tried with alcohol 120%...the speed for some reason is locked at 4x(W.T.F?).
    Maybe i need some kind of plugin for dvd decrypter?(i've selected SPTI for I/O interface)
  3. NooobFTW

    NooobFTW Guest

    The funny thing is that GT4 WORKS with creation dvd-r 8x...so i guess its all about the media(Tdk)..
  4. NooobFTW

    NooobFTW Guest

    And again , verbatim saved me :)

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