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Capture Card or DVD-ROM?

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by MuffinMan, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. MuffinMan

    MuffinMan Guest

    I don't know which to buy. Which one would be best for riping DVDs? Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. msb5150

    msb5150 Regular member

    Dec 24, 2002
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    Definately the dvd rom, however, make sure you have enough hard drive space to rip the dvd. Capture cards will offer lesser quality, and cannnot rip the menus. Also, dvd roms are much cheaper.
  3. MuffinMan

    MuffinMan Guest

    Okay, thanks. Idon't have to worry about my HDD. I have like 55 GB left on it. Thanks again!

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