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Capturing footage from DVD into video editing software.

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by Cooperm, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. Cooperm

    Cooperm Guest

    Wonder if someone could help me. I need to take some footage from a DVD and edit this within my video editing software. It's just I have no idea which software I need to be able to capture sections. I have Quick time Pro which should convert most files into other formats, but I guess I need a program to do the initial capture.Can someone give me the low down on exactly how I can do this?.

    Thank you:)
  2. MattieB

    MattieB Guest

    OK, so you've got VOB files and you need to edit them, so you'll need to get them into avi files. All the VOB to avi stuff I've ever tried doesn't seem to work when you just want either 1) uncompressed avi or 2) dv avi's.

    Except for this method:

    Read all of this: http://nickyguides.digital-digest.com/DVD2AVI.htm

    It involves frame serving. Basically you'll use a program called DVDtoAVI, but you won't actually convert the files. You'll use a second program called VFAPI to create this dummy avi file. The purpose of this file, in your case, is to trick your editing software into thinking it has an avi file. The dummy avi will grab the video information from the VOB files.

    The moderately bad news. When you import this dummy avi file you will most likely have to render it. Not to worry, the render should be outstanding quality (unlike rendering an already super compressed divx file for example).

    One more thing about the rendering, you MAY want to also deinterlace your video on the timeline when you render. If you notice horizontal lines in the video when you play the rendered timeline, go ahead and deinterlace too.

    After all this rendering, I like to export the timeline as a dv avi file so that I can just work with a nice good ole dv avi and not worry about the frame serve thing that got me here. Once you've got a dv avi, go nuts.

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