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Cdloader in conjunction with SMD 3.3.

Discussion in 'PS2' started by BadBoy787, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. BadBoy787

    BadBoy787 Regular member

    Dec 29, 2004
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    Okay, if I get the swap magic 3.3 disks, can I play DBZ Budokai 3 ? Do I need to get cdloader? Because, based on what I've read, the 3.3 disks, have cdloader incorporated into 'em. Also, I should note that I'm planning on using these with my soon-to-be-purchased PStwo. Anyone?
  2. Mormegil3

    Mormegil3 Guest

    I post on gamefaqs where the Berserk PS2 game forum is. Usually you would always have to use the cd-loader in conjuction with the swapmagic discs for the Berserk game. Someone there said he has swapmagic 3.3 and he doesn't need to use the cd-loader anymore. That should answer your question.

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