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Cdrwin problems.

Discussion in 'PS2' started by kardo, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. kardo

    kardo Guest

    When I start to make a Image file with Cdrwin version 3.9B I get an error that is : Unable to analyze disc layout Illegal track type encountered. My settings are :
    Reading options:Raw
    Error Recovery:Abort
    Jitter recover:Auto
    Subcode analysis:Auto
    Subcode threshold:300.

    Should i change my options or something?
  2. Defhead

    Defhead Member

    Nov 26, 2002
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    Here are the instructions that i use and it works 100%.

    Open CDRWin.

    Click the Backup Disc button (Second along)
    Backup Mode: Copy To Image And Record
    Image disk: Select your hard drive (Default)
    CD Reader & CD Recorder: Set CD reader & CD recorder to the same (Always read with burner)
    Reading Options:
    Read: Raw Sectors
    Error Recovery: Ignore
    Jitter Control: Disable
    Subcode Analysis: Auto
    Data Speed: Select Your Speed (Keep it low)
    Audio Speed: Select Your Speed (Keep it low)
    Read Retry Count: Select How Many Times You Want CDRWin To Retry Reading Damaged Data Before It Fails.
    Recording Options
    Uncheck All Boxes On The Top Line
    Number Of Discs To Backup: Select Number Of Discs
    Number Of Copies: Select Number Of Copies You Want
    Speed: Select Your Burning Speed (Keep it low)
    Disc Transporter Mode: Disable
    If you want, select Save Settings at the side
    Hit Start.
  3. Cybermad

    Cybermad Guest

    First off make sure its not a dvd ps2 game.
    Then just use clonecd to make the copy.
    should be fine.:)

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